CANape 18.0 SP6

Updates existing installations of version 18.0 to 18.0.60 SP6. The following changes become effective with version 18.0.60:

User Operation and Display

  • When selecting signals from measurement files, the signals of bus messages are offered in the dialog again.
  • Searching within very large projects in the Symbol Explorer has been accelerated.

Communication Protocols

  • CCP/XCP: The mechanism for importing CAN FD parameters from ASAP2 databases has been improved.
  • CANopen driver settings are displayed in the configuration dialog again.
  • DHPR/RIF: XCP protocol layer version 1.0 can again be selected in the extended settings.
  • Ethernet monitor: Fixed the interpretation of nested VLAN messages.
  • CCP/XCP: Improved DAQ calculation when GRANULARITY_ODT_ENTRY_SIZE_DAQ_WORD is used
  • Ethernet monitor: Improved display of the ports in the Trace window in network-based mode
  • SOME/IP: Fixed the display of curves in the calibration window.
  • CAN: It is now possible to switch from CAN to CAN FD in the network configuration.
  • Ethernet monitor: It is now possible to measure methods and fields based upon signals.

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • DHPR/RIF has been expanded by XCP 1.3 time synchronization functionalities
  • When recording bus messages in several BLF files, empty temporary files are removed again.
  • The recording of bus messages into PCAP format can be split into several files.
  • CANopen devices go offline in case of a timeout.
  • XCP: An error was fixed which occurred during calculation of time information when using measurement devices synchronized via PTP.
  • XCP: Improved handling when sending XCP 1.3 multicasts (fix for "internal error code 12")
  • VX1161 Standalone mode is now supporting anonymous measurements.
  • XCP: Decreasing timestamps are detected directly during data acquisition.


  • The path to the ASAP2 file is now also correctly transferred to ASAP2 Studio when it contains UTF-8 multibyte characters.

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & vCDMstudio)

  • CANape windows that are configured as standard windows are no longer closed incorrectly when vCDMstudio is exited.
  • Configuration of a post-process is now supported in dataset management. If the global vCDMstudio option is activated and the corresponding configuration is executed upon creating a dataset, the post-process will be executed when the dataset is exported as a HEX file.


  • COM/API: Fix when working with active calibration history. Previous measurement data are no longer corrupted.
  • COM/API: Fix for DAIO devices within the function ReadCalibrationObject
  • COM/API: Fixed the return value of the function Asap3ReadObjectParameter.


  • VXTools 4.3 integrated


  • The controls of the Video window are automatically activated after a measurement.
  • Improved handling of compressed video data during lead time of a triggered measurement
  • Fixed a crash when AXIS cameras are not connected.

Functions and Scripts

  • The CASL function GetVariableByName can also be used for virtual measurement file channels.
  • A problem, which caused increased execution times for measurement functions, was fixed.
  • Virtual measurement file channels are calculated even if further-processing virtual signals cannot be calculated.

Driver Assistance

  • When setting the global measurement cursor, the timestamp determination was adjusted for signal-based objects in measurement files.
  • The Map window now supports the display of a custom position object even without Option DA.
  • Stability has been improved when using signal-based objects for measurement files.
  • Fixed a bug with the rotation of the GFX object "Line" in the Scene window.
  • The startup time of the Signal-Object-Adapter for measurement files that contain many signals and sources has been improved.
  • For GFX objects whose sources have been exchanged the transformation entries are displayed.
  • The filter functionality in the Signal-Object-Adapter has been improved.
  • Signal-based objects, that get their data from child data of a bus message, are now created correctly when measuring the parent message.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • The resolution of timing information in configuration files has been increased to one nanosecond.
  • The envelope display in the Graphic window is also supported for signals from BLF files.
  • In "Display from measurement file" mode, identically named measurement signals from different devices are correctly assigned.
  • When playing a video, the global cursor is updated at a lower frequency to reduce system load.

Working with Measurement Files

  • Anonymously measured structural base variables are merely renamed by the deanonymizer.
  • The measurement data import for ASCII files retains negative timestamps.
  • The naming of signals from MAT files has been aligned with the behavior of older program versions again.
  • A new option bit for the MdfMerge converter can be used to ignore multimedia signals stored with AVI attachment and a sync signal, e.g. if the merge operation is not possible due to different conversion rules of the sync signal. Note: AVI attachments cannot not be merged using MdfMerge.
  • When merging MDF files from a file series, special signals which are contained in each single file since start of measurement will not be considered for determination of the time range.
  • Merging MDF files now also works when only some files contain a signal (group), e.g. as with "bus-sorted" MF4 files containing raw CAN messages.
  • When extracting a time range from an MF4 file with compressed signal data, the data blocks containing variable length signal data (VLSD) will be written compressed in the result file, too (using the default settings).
  • The display of measurements from multiple files is also supported for bus logging files to which the signal description still has to be added.
  • Progress during merge of MDF files has been improved.
  • When storing calculated signals, the absolute timestamp of the input signals is used.
  • Merging of MDF files with a long text as file comment now is possible.

Measurement Data Management

  • It now is possible to move more than 16 files to vMDM via the Vector Shell Extension.


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