CANalyzer 14 SP2 Full Installer

Updates existing installations of the 64 bit variant of version 14 to 14 SP2. Not suitable for older versions. You can alternatively use the online installer.

With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:


  • Map Window

    • Map Window API: CAPL functions are available to draw into the Map Window.

Diagnostic Feature Set

  • DoIP over TLS: Additional options for the connection setup

Option .CAN

  • If a CAN frame is destroyed by an error frame, the payload data still transmitted can be queried via CAPL (getPayloadData). In addition, the data can be queried via selectors of the error frame event.

Option .Ethernet

  • Core Functionality:

    • AUTOSAR serialization parameters for individual data member in an AUTOSAR event is now supported.

  • Network-based Access:

    • The Windows network adapter can be used in network-based access mode.
    • Configuration issues are clarified with an information icon in the Port Configuration dialog.

  • Trace Window:

    • TC10 Sleep/Wakeup events are displayed and can be filtered.
    • IKEv2 key exchange events are displayed.
    • The IPSec AH protocol is visualized and higher protocols deserialized.
    • The IPSec ESP protocol is visualized and the encrypted data is shown.

Option .Car2x

  • The accuracy of the absolute measurement start timestamp has been increased in case the GNSS time is provided by the VN4610. This enables the absolute timestamps of the individual events in the Trace Window being displayed with an accuracy of 1 ms, related to the GNSS time.
  • The replay of logging files of format PCAPNG is supported.
  • The Data Window supports signals of type OCTET STRING, BIT STRING and IA5String.
  • CN (China): In the Map Window RSU and event positions for application messages RSI and MAP are visualized.

Option .J1939

  • Support for J1939-76 (Functional Safety)

    • J1939.dbc and J1939Base.dbc provide new Safety Header Message (SHM) with all relevant signals.
    • Trace Window

      • Parsed content of the SHM message is displayed in a clearly readable way in the “J1939 Interpretation” column.
      • Violations of the J1939-76 standard (wrong checksum or sequence number, missing SHM, delayed SDM etc.) are reported in the “J1939 Violation” column.

Option .CANopen

  • CANopen dbc databases don’t require a CANopen license any more. The CANopen columns in the Trace Window are filled with when a CANopen license is available.


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