VN5650/VN5240 - Automotive Ethernet Network Interface

The VN5650 is a powerful Ethernet interface supporting 100/1000BASE-T1 on 12 ports. It is suitable for synchronous monitoring of Ethernet networks with other bus systems. In addition, the VN5650 provides optimal network access for residual bus simulations and can be used for frame, load, and fault generation during tests. Thanks to its robust housing and the various mounting and stacking capabilities, the device is perfectly suited for use in vehicles. Ethernet (10GBASE-T) or USB 3.0 is used as the interface to the computer.

The VN5240 is an interface that has been specially designed for monitoring and analysis of Ethernet networks. For recording Ethernet data in the vehicle, the VN5240 is ideal in combination with the VP6400 smart logging platform. The interface is connected to the computer via Ethernet (10GBASE-T). The tapped data-streams can also be accessed very flexibly via up to three mirroring ports.


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