ODXStudio 3.1 SP3 Patch 1

Updates existing installations of version 3.1 to 3.1 SP3 Patch 1. Not suitable for older versions.

With ODXStudio 3.1 SP3 Patch 1, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved:

  • "Add Valid ECUs wizard" can be left with Cancel only (EIP35488)
    (ODX-F MB) The "Add Valid ECUs wizard" could be left with Cancel only in case the variant was already assigned to the flash container.
  • Partnumber in Delta mode is computed incorrectly (EIP35370)
    (ODX-F MB) In Delta mode the Partnumber was computed incorrectly from SourceFlashkey and TargetFlashkey.
  • Copy&Paste of Segments creates DOPs with duplicate ShortNames (EIP35412)
    (ODX-E MB Car) Copy&Paste of Segments did generate DOPs with duplicate ShortNames in some cases.


Size : 43.54 MB
MD5 hash : 22f5ee8f229febe3bf031753877f8498
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