vFlash 6.0 SP2

Updates existing installations of version 6.0 to 6.0 SP2. Not suitable for older versions.

New features and improvements

  • Update ThirdParty CodeMeter runtime (Wibu Systems) to fix security issue (VFLS-48453)
    Context: We are aware of the critical security vulnerability in the WIBU component CodeMeter (www.wibu.com/support/security-advisories.html). CodeMeter is used for licensing the Vector products and thus also vFlash. With CodeMeter V7.10a the vulnerability has been mitigated. The download is available at www.wibu.com/support/user/user-software.html. This installation contains the Vector License Client 3.5 that also updates your system with CodeMeter V7.10a.
  • TLS: Secure Reconnect and Automation Support (VFLS-48456)
    Context: TLS support was enhanced to support automatic secure reconnect when ECUs reject a non-secure connection. Also, it is now possible to use TLS in automation use cases.
  • Use vFlash in CI - Provide new example (VFLS-48405)
    Context: vFlash is often used in combination with other tools (like CANoe and CANoe.DiVa) in Continuous Integration (CI) environments. vFlash now provides an example based on the vFlash Automation API that allows users to run a flash process by calling the example via command line. Even basic success information are provided by return codes.
  • Support new Mazda VBF format (VFLS-48496)
  • Support Force Boot Mode with Normal Fixed Addressing (VFLS-48468)
    In case of invalid applications it is sometimes not possible to switch to the bootloader. Using the optionally available Force Boot Mode feature, the ECU can be informed to not start the application at all but stay in boot mode. This is now also possible if CAN TP Normal Fixed Addressing is used.
  • CAN FD: Improve performance when flashing with TP message length larger 4k (VFLS-48435)
  • Make SoAd demo work with CANoe 13 (VFLS-48474)
    Context: To demonstrate the AUTOSAR SoAd communication protocol a CANoe simulation is used. This simulation can now also be run on CANoe 13.
  • Provide sufficient info if saving FlexRay vFlash Project with non-ASCII characters fails (VFLS-48483)
    Context: Saving projects using FlexRay as bus system is not possible, if the target path contains non-ASCII characters.

Issues solved

  • Warning message is shown if Activation Line is used with new Ethernet network-based driver handling (VFLS-48478)
  • ODX-F: EcuMem cannot be switched if more than one EcuMen is defined (VFLS-48393)
  • vFlash Remote: Reprogramming large files (250 MB) on VN88 does not work (VFLS-48462)
  • vFlash Remote: Receiving reprogramming updates after a connection interruption failed (VFLS-48391)
  • vFlash Remote: Running vFlash Remote on some Win7 systems failed (VFLS-48364)
  • vFlash Remote: Several improvements and solved issues concerning the connection profiles (VFLS-48397, VFLS-48380, VFLS-48373, VFLS-48476)


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