DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.21.32 SP1

Updates existing installations of version 5.21 to 5.21 SP1. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.

With DaVinci Configurator 5.21 (SP1) the following changes become effective:

Fixed Issues

  • Automation Interface: Incorrect AccessPermission in Workflow Update
  • Automation Interface: Unnecessary multiple project load in Workflow
  • Exception when following Shortname-Link in a table
  • Extend RTE59002 validator to consider DiagnosticDataElement of DiagnosticServiceSwMappings
  • Error when importing variants from an .arxml file
  • Derivation of DltTxPdu and DltRxPdu
  • ConnectorValidation: Exception for SubElementMappings
  • Data Mapping Validation: Check Lin Slave Response Error Signals
  • Do not enter Pending Update when only missing input files are replaced
  • Exception in MemBlockEditor
  • Selection of generation steps does not work
  • IllegalArgumentException in EcucBswInitConfigPtrNameValidation
  • New ExtGenStep does not appear in 'Code Generation' tree
  • Exception 'Unhandled event loop exception: String index out of range: -1' occurs
  • Workflow - GeneratorLoading Warning dialog pops up during update
  • AUTOSAR 19-11 files are rejected in Input Files Assistant
  • CFG5 crashes when changing focus
  • Support relative paths for 'Script File' in IFA


Category : Service Pack
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MD5 hash : 54fe52123a22a1f86c7b2694c2b005e7
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