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CANdelaStudio 13 SP1

Updates existing installations of version 13 to 13 SP1. Not suitable for older versions.


  • Sort Identifier on ECU Level (CDS-72312)
    See context menu of "ECU Information" and each variant, also Procedure How to Automatically Sort Diagnostic Instances
  • Preserve data objects when moving from Stored Data to Variant Coding (CDS-26665, CDC-44411)
    CANdelaStudio now just moves the data objects in the diagnostic instance, even if the Combined Components have different qualifiers, if source and target template have exactly one Combined Component that has semantics "data".
  • Improve Constraints Check performance (CDC-44387)
    Improved check of Fault Memory, saving up to 30% load time.
  • Data component used in testers: opening a file from before v13 no more migrates to AUTOSAR Fault Memory (CDS-72046 U001)
    The data model component preserves Fault Memory data in the generic structure.
  • Improved handling of UUIDs in the PREEvision data exchange (DDIT-360)
  • Identifying Features
  • Identifying Feature Data Object Selection Dialog Does not Distinguish Parameters per Job (CDS-40422)In the dialog to select a data object for an identifying feature if you select a job in the tree to the left, the list in the right side shows a column "Path" (besides "Name" and "Data Type"), with the same contents as shown in the "Identifying Features" list on which you opened the dialog.
  • Identifying Features using Data Objects in Packet and Iteration Data Types (CDS-71561, CDC-44232)You can use data objects in Packet and Iteration Data Types, even recursively (for "Diagnostics Based on" [DOC-R110] = Porsche).
  • DEXT Export 17.02.00
  • Open CDD file in read only mode for MD5 check
  • Create DEXT DiagnosticServiceSwMapping for DID DataElements (DCM)
  • Fixed failure due to v13 AUTOSAR Fault Memory

Issues Solved

  • Document Translation Incomplete after Mapping DTC and Event (CDS-72284)In a multi-language document with a non-up-to-date language, the operation "Map with Events" left only the last language up-to-date.
  • Paste Diagnostic Instance within Variant Including DID (CDS-71907 Follow-up) (CDS-72310)Paste a Diagnostic Instance within the Diagnostic Class, now CANdelaStudio also pastes (clones) the referenced DID.
  • Identifying feature dialog crashes if you select a data object already used (CDS-72341)Select a data object already used, OK, close the document without saving.
  • License Expired for Date in 2099 (CDS-72317)For time limited licenses expiring far in the future (e.g. in 2099), CANdelaStudio erroneously detected the license as expired.
  • AUTOSAR Fault Memory
  • Unexpected Side Effects of Modifying the DTC Code (CDC-44397, CDC-44388)Modifying the DTC Code unexpectedly modified specific data in the v13 AUTOSAR Fault Memory that depends on the DTC (Snapshot Data, Extended Data - DIDs and "Stored for DTC"). Corrected in v13 SP1 and v14.
  • Crash: creating a copy of a variant with AUTOSAR Fault memory and different set of "is stored for DTC" (CDS-72302)Fixed with CDC-44397 (see previous item).
  • Adding a DID to Common Snapshot Data Overrides all Individual Snapshot Data (CDS-72265)13 AUTOSAR Fault Memory [SRUI-R300], add a DID to Common Snapshot Data
  • Improve Performance of AUTOSAR Fault Memory (CDC-44385)Saving a file with many DIDs (tested with 64K)
  • Communication View sets the DID Number Data Object name in all languages (CDC-44386)In Communication View down migrating AUTOSAR Fault Memory, the DID Number Data Object [DID-R182] got the same name in all languages, instead of a name derived from the DID name in each language.
  • CANdelaStudio < 13 cannot load 13 documents with AUTOSAR Fault Memory due to empty name (CDS-72245)Correction in Communication View.
  • Load/Save preserves "Trigger" and "Update" properties of Snapshot/Extended Data Records (CDS-72046 U010+U020)Support the convention for Additional Info in Text Tables
  • Snapshot Record Numeration Type "Calculated" not Exported to DEXT (CDS-72228)Communication View fills the attribute [SR-R023].
  • Communication View creates empty text tables (CDC-44403)For a DTC, no Snapshot record / Extended data record stored; Communication View creates a Text Table with one entry 0xFF only.
  • Communication View exports data even for missing services (CDC-44404)Suppress creation of telegram tables, and of "Record Number" Text Tables.
  • Communication View shall always add 0xFF case to "request text table" (CDC-44405)For a DTC, not all Record numbers are stored.
  • Remove of local DTC modifies "Snapshot records to store" of another Diagnostic instance (CDC-44398)

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