CANape 18.0 SP1 HF1

Category : Service Pack
Size : 3.23 GB
MD5 hash : d7caaca3b6dbc513b2dc0446abb0f3a0

Updates existing installations of version 18.0 to 18.0.12 SP1 Hotfix 1. The following changes become effective with version 18.0.12:

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • FlexRay Monitor: Importing ARXML databases is possible again.
  • An uncommon error, which caused unused device channels to be initialised in certain circumstances, was fixed.
  • Ethernet Monitor: It is now possible to measure arrays from ARXML databases.

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & vCDMstudio)

  • vCDMstudio: The "ADDRESS_EXTENSION" defined in the A2L is also considered for the column "Current Device".

Data Mining

  • Data Mining can now be used when running CANape in Analysis Mode (with vSignalyzer license) as specified.

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