vFlash 5.0 SP2

Updates existing installations of version 5.0 to 5.0 SP2. Not suitable for older versions.

New features and improvements

  • vFlash Remote Access Point on VN8810 (VFLS-48033)vFlash Remote is now also supported on the VN8810 device. This allows accessing the vehicle remotely without the need to additionally use a PC on Access Point side.
  • Support deactivation of the TLS certificate validation in vFlash Remote (VFLS-48038)In case it is not possible to reach Certification Authority servers, certificate validation may now be deactivated in Connection Profile Editor.
  • Align Bit Timing configuration to CANoe 12 (VFLS-47868)The sample point values of the CAN FD Bit Timing configuration were adjusted to equal those in CANoe 12.

New vFlash Templates

  • Several new vFlash Templates are released to support many new OEMs / Bootloaders - contact us to get more information.

Issues solved

  • Could not connect to vFlash VTPApp on VN8810 via Ethernet but only via USB. (VFLS-47980)It is now possible to connect to vFlash on VN8810 also via Ethernet.
  • ODX-F: Flash Session identification in presence of nested diagnostic parameter structures sometime failed. (VFLS-47891)ODX-F Flash Session identification is now also possible in case an ExpectedIdent request uses the same Shortname for TableRow and nested parameter.
  • Logical Block Index with 2 Bytes was not read from the project file correctly in all cases. (VFLS-48029)Having configured a vFlash project in vFlash 4 with a datablock using a Logical Block Index larger than one (1) byte, could not be loaded correctly in vFlash 5. The Logical Block Index was restricted to a maximum length of 1 byte in the GUI.
  • Live checksum calculation failed for write-protected binary data files. (VFLS-47986)Also write-protected flashware can be used now for LiveChecksumCalculation.
  • "File has changed" dialog hung up in endless loop in certain situations. (VFLS-47831)In certain situations vFlash stopped responding, when datablock files were exchanged by files with the same name.
  • Flashing via vFlash Automation did not use up-to-date data size. (VFLS-47995)Exchanging datablock files in an existing vflashpack manually, without opening vFlash, and then using this vflashpack on a VN89 device resulted in incorrect data sizes being used during flashing.
  • Automation API: GetFlashAttributeLastFlashRunValue() did not consistently use Flash Attribute display names (VFLS-48019)GetFlashAttributeLastFlashRunValue() now expects the display name of the Flash Attribute (e.g. "Waiting Time after Hard Reset") as a parameter, instead of the qualifier of the Flash Attribute (e.g. "Waiting_Time_After_Hard_Reset"). This is consistent with GetFlashAttributeConfiguredValue(), which also expects the display name of the Flash Attribute.
  • Automation API: ActivateNetwork() for FlexRay could not be called before setting Custom Action Attributes or Flash Attributes. (VFLS-48011)"InvalidCommandOrder" was reported in case ActivateNetwork() was executed before calling SetCustomActionAttribute() or SetFlashAttribute(). Now the sequence of those function calls is arbitrary.
  • Some smaller issues are solved.

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