CANoe.DiVa 12.0 SP2

Category : Service Pack
Size : 51.93 MB
MD5 hash : 43442eb252cd8c841918c94761a9405d

Updates existing installations of the DiVa extension for CANoe from 12.0 to 12.0 SP2. You will need an installed DiVa extension on your system to be able to run the update.

Required CANoe version

  • Vector CANoe 12.0 SP3 or higher

New Features

  • Test generation performance improvements (memory and runtime)
  • Test CANoe runtime performance improvements (memory)
  • Service & ID Scanner runtime improvements when using range exclusions
  • .net test cases now supported in test modules and test units
  • An existing DiVa project can now be switched to a different ECU
  • Added new OEM extensions (ask us if your OEM is supported by an extension)
  • Improved existing OEM extensions (convenience & functionality)
  • More convenient configuration support for tests running on different diag channels

Issues solved

  • Service & ID Scanner now also runs on DoIP
  • OBD: Supported PIDs were stored incorrectly if most significant bit is supported
  • In some cases it could happen that not all possible state combinations were tested

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