Indigo 6.0 SP4

Updates existing installations of version 6.0 to 6.0 SP4. Not suitable for older versions.

With Service Pack 4, the following changes become effective:

New Features and Improvements

  • Support configuration of VC-VCCU. (IDG-50350)Indigo now supports configuration (certificate, internal settings, etc.) of Vector Vehicle Charge Controller (VC-VCCU).
  • Vector Diagnostics Scripting: Provide API for reading fault memory (IDG-50621)The Vector Diagnostic Scripting Library is extended to read out fault memory: DTCs, snapshot data records and extended data records. The Indigo specific API for reading out DTCs is now deprecated.
  • Diagnostic Trace: Highlight negative responses (NRC) is red (IDG-50618)

Issues solved

  • Indigo update installer may not detect previous versions correctly. (IDG-50597)
  • Several smaller issues solved.

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