CANalyzer 12.0 SP4 (64 bit)

Category : Service Pack
Size : 1.56 GB
MD5 hash : 7022ed44555aa830597b4808644c548b

For the usage of the option .Ethernet, this service pack requires the latest driver update for the Ethernet devices VN5610(A) and VN5640. You can download this driver update here.

With Service Pack 4, the following changes become effective:

Option .Ethernet

  • Port-based Network Access (starting with VN Firmware-Version 11.1):

    • Migration Wizard for the migration of configurations with channel-based network access into configurations with port-based network access including an appropriate Ethernet interface configuration.
    • The Ethernet interface configuration, which shall be applied on start, can be stored in the CANalyzer configuration.
    • In the Bus Statistic Window the SQI of an Ethernet port is provided as value between 0 and 7, as it is specified in the OPEN Alliance document 'Advanced diagnostic features for 100BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet PHYs'.
    • The global TCP/IP stack supports port-based network access.
    • The global TCP/IP stack is used for the transmission of Ethernet packets from a CAPL node (output).
    • The Replay Block supports port-based network access.
    • The Ethernet Packet Builder supports port-based network access.
    • At measurement start a link status event is generated for each used Ethernet port.
    • Improved display of ports in the 'Port Configuration' dialog.
    • As default network names Ethernet1, Ethernet2, etc. are used.
    • The configuration of a signal protocol DLL has been moved into 'Options' dialog.
    • Fix an issue which may lead to the deactivation of time synchronization in case multiple network interfaces are used.
    • Stability improvement when opening another configuration in case the current configuration utilizes the global TCP/IP stack and port-based access.
    • Stability improvement when opening an invalid Ethernet interface configuration.
    • Fix an issue which may lead to a loss of some configuration contents in case the configuration is stored for an old version ('Save as').
    • Fix an issue which may lead to the display of unused networks in 'Port Configuration' dialog.
    • Fix an issue which may lead to the display of unused networks in 'Application Channel Mapping' dialog.

  • Trace Window:

    • Fix an issue which may lead to using a wrong sender information in case of drag-and-drop of an event into the Analysis Filter.

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