DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.18.65 SP5

Updates existing installations of version 5.18 to 5.18 SP5. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.

Fixed Issues:

  • Basic Editor and Diagnostic Domain Editors are not available in ASR4 diagnostics in MSR3 use case
  • Only one PduPort is considered for Payload of SecuredIPdu
  • Flattener Does not Correctly Handle SubElementMappings for Arrays
  • TopDownServiceConfig: Shall See Port Interfaces Without isService Flag as Application Port Interfaces
  • Allow "Edit Variance" for derived containers
  • SIP Mismatch dialog does not scale correctly
  • Wrong API forwarding routing path created for DcmIPdu
  • Derivation of J1939DcmDiagnosticMessageSupport should exclude gateway routed DcmIPdu
  • BSW Management Editor: Internal Error about Multiple Reference Targets
  • Properties View Definition Tab Missing Entries
  • Custom Workflow Step Names must be unique (as External Gen Steps)
  • Removed SoftDerived container not recognized during update
  • Prevent the execution of the Update Workflow for variant projects without input files
  • Parameter which is not instantiated doesn't show createable in properties view
  • [Warning] Rework warning message of "No installed VttCmdTool found."
  • Derive requestable flag from j1939TpPg.requestable with tpSdu reference fails
  • Connector Validation Exception For Missing Port


Category : Service Pack
Size : 420.06 MB
MD5 hash : a6f43038cadb40f530c29d8fa2568d76
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