CANoe 12.0 SP3 (64 bit)

With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:


  • Graphics Window

    • Direct import of all supported message-oriented logging formats is now possible
    • Multiple symbols can now be activated or deactivated together via a group
    • Groups can be controlled via CAPL functions
    • The tooltip of the measurement and difference cursors also displays the symbolic value
    • Performance improvements of the drawing routine

  • Logging/Offline

    • ASCI loggings contain a unique ID of the measurement to be able to navigate from the Test Report Viewer
    • Meta data are now also written to MDF/MF4 files
    • In the configuration of the offline mode several files can now be activated and deactivated at the same time

    The XIL API can now be used directly without FDX description
  • Mapping
    Two new mapping settings allow a cyclic mapping of the source symbol after a given timer elapsed.

Panel Designer:

  • Revised the Panel Designer user interface to be High-DPI capable. On high-resolution monitors, symbols and texts are adapted to selected resolution and scaling.
  • For the Input/Output Box, the defined min/max values and the unit can be displayed in addition to the description.
  • The Method Call Control can display complex structured data types.
  • Loading times for configurations with many panels have been further improved.


  • User interface

    • Ribbon Bar for easy access to security relevant components:

      • Manual,
      • Sample configurations,
      • Additional tools
      • A separate ribbon bar is created for each security package.

    • New look and feel of Security Manager

  • TLS

    • Support of weak Cipher Suites with SHA hashing, e.g. TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_NULL_SHA
    • Connection of TLS/DTLS Observer from CANoe to Security Manager to use PKI profiles for PreShared Keys

  • CANoe CAPL DLL for reading X509 certificates

    • CAPL functions for reading various attributes, such as Name, ValidFrom….

Diagnostic Feature Set

  • General:

    • Support of timing parameters "P2 Server" and "P2 extended Server" in the Diagnostics/ISO TP configuration dialog
    • Support of a new VDS (Vector Diagnostic Scripting) version with fault memory API
    • New standard diagnostic descriptions GenericUDS und GenericUDSLIN supporting service $29 (Authentication)
    • Improved behavior with functional requests while Tester Present is activated and for extended addressing

  • DoIP:

    • Improved behavior in case of Tester Adapter uses dedicated IP address
    • Corrected source and target address in Diagnostic Message Negative ACK PDUs

Test Feature Set

  • Fuzz testing is now supported by a specific element / test command in the Test Table Editor.
  • Usage of interface functions (keyword export) between CAPL files of the same test unit; avoids inconvenient handling of include files.
  • CAPL sources can be added as encrypted files to the executable test unit; this allows you to hide confidential content from test executors that have access to the VTUEXE file only (and not to the vTESTstudio project).
  • When replaying stimulation curves the last value of the waveform is set in each case – independent of e.g. the cycle time of a signal.
  • Connection Utilities for the test management systems Jama Connect and Intland codeBeamer ALM are now available.
  • Report Viewer
  • New Data API for read access to report content
  • PDF Export is now possible with applied filters as well
  • Increased performance for bigger reports


  • Adaptive AUTOSAR databases with schema 19-03 can now be imported
  • FIBEX databases are now supported
  • Abstract interface definitions can be imported from arxml databases
  • The CO Editor can be used to edit the SOME/IP Binding
  • Usability improvements in the Communication Setup

Option .FlexRay

  • Correct evaluation of send flag (RX/TX) in trace window

Option .Ethernet

  • Port-based Network Access (starting with VN firmware version 11.1):

    • Automatic conversion of configurations utilizing channel-based network access into configurations utilizing port-based network access.
    • Automatic creation of necessary ports when switched to port-based network access.
    • Networks, measurement ports and simulation ports from the Ethernet device configuration are provided in the Port Configuration dialog.
    • At start of measurement the networks from the Ethernet device configuration are provided if necessary.
    • Trace Window - Analysis Filter (Ethernet, AVB, IP, SOME/IP and SOME/IP SD): Network and ports may be configured.
    • Signals can be qualified with a port name. The Symbol Explorer provides the available ports for this purpose.
    • Global Options: The update behavior for signals without qualified port can be configured.
    • CAPL: Additional functions ethIsPortBasedNetwork and ethGetEthernetPort
    • Test Units support port-based network access.
    • Configuration templates: Additional templates for port-based network access.

  • Trace Window:

    • Analysis Filter: Values can be modified in SOME/IP Filter.
    • Detail View: Improved display of WebSocket and JSON.
    • Fix an issue which may cause erroneous display of protocol violations in case of PTP packets.
    • SOME/IP: In case the length field does not fit to the available data, this is reported in column Protocol Validation.
    • Fix a display issue with Signal Protocol DLL and column Payload Data.

  • CAPL:

    • Test Feature Set: New test function TestWaitForEthernetLinkStatus.
    • Sleep/Wakeup support: New functions ethGetPhyState and ethSetPhyState (on supported Ethernet network interfaces).
    • UdpSendTo with variants for IP_Endpoint.
    • New method TcpSocket::Abort.
    • TCP/IP Stack: Fix an issue which prevents the access to payload in case of a piggyback FIN transmission.
    • Fix an issue with function OnIpSendPrepare which prevents the return of a socket handle.

  • .NET:

    • Packet API: Support of transmission and reception of Ethernet packets as well as access to the protocol fields of Ethernet packets.
    • Socket API: Multicast support.
    • DTLS support.

  • AUTOSAR Ethernet Interaction Layer:

    • AREthCreateMethodCall considers SecOC data from ARXML database.
    • Fix an issue which prevents the appropriate usage of DHCP together with autostart.
    • Improved error notifications from PDU assembler.

  • SOME/IP Interaction Layer:

    • Support of type NETWORK-CYCLE from FIBEX database.
    • Fix an issue which prevents the appropriate usage of DHCP together with autostart.
    • Performance optimization concerning SOME/IP messages without defined routing.

  • AVB Interaction Layer:

    • Fix an issue which prevents setting the VLAN priority by means of AvbSetProperty.
    • Fix an issue which may lead to the usage of an inappropriate IP address in case of multiple VLANs with different IP addresses.

  • Miscellaneous

    • AVB / Media Stream Control: Detection of incomplete FU_A transmission of an H.264 NALU to allow the display of incomplete images / image parts.
    • On insertion of an additional Ethernet network, the CANoe TCP/IP stack uses the MAC ID of the assigned Ethernet network interface as default.
    • Ethernet Network Monitor: Fix an issue which leads to the multiple display of services.
    • Bus Statisitcs / Offline Mode: Fix an issue which leads to inappropriate calculations based on the link speed of Ethernet network interfaces.
    • Fallback solution for SOME/IP TP with SessionID = 0.
    • Stability improvements related to the reception of malformed IPv6 packets.
    • Stability improvement related to the reception of TCP packets with wrong data offset.
    • Stability improvement related to rename a network in connection with SOME/IP and configured signals.
    • Stability improvement related to PTP AUTOSAR TLV interpretation.
    • Fix an issue related to HTTP Observer and large PDUs.
    • NetIsolator: Fix an issue which prevents some network adapters from being listed.
    • Logging/Logging File Conversion: Fix an issue which may lead to the output of causeless warnings concerning unsupported events, when writing to PCAP/PCAPNG.

Option .Car2x

  • Car2x Scenario Editor
  • Support of Import and Export of NMEA/GPX/KML files as initial route
  • Step-by-Step help about how to create and include Car2x scenarios
  • Timeline can be zoomed
  • Protocols

  • CANoe supports C-V2X structure

    • Message Family GB/T 31024.3
    • DSMP - DSRC Short Message Protocol
    • T/CSAE 53-2017 Message Set (messages are included in the Basic configuration database)

  • C-V2X Support
  • Current WLAN channel can be configured as C-V2X channel
  • C-V2X Connector Demo to be able to receive C-V2X data from external sources
  • Interpretation of Adaption Layer
  • Application Message
  • New sample configuration to visualize IVIMs (Infrastructure to Vehicle Information Message) received in the map window. Demo database contains IVIM (ISO TS 19321).
  • Hardware

Option .J1939

  • J1939.dbc integrates the latest J1939 Digital Annex:
  • 385 new PGs
  • 21 renamed PGs
  • 2586 new SPNs
  • 103 new Manufacturer IDs
  • Reorganized Online Help

Option .ISO11783

  • ISO11783 IL:
  • improved support of the TIM protocol (error handling, Graceful shutdown, status messages, further CAPL functions)
  • Better support of Preferred Assignments for Auxiliary Inputs
  • ISO11783 File Server IL
  • Correct handling of the volume list '\\'
  • ISO11783 Task Controller IL
  • CAPL function TCIL_ExportDdop() exports all loaded DDOPs with a single call
  • ISO11783 Interactive Task Controller
  • Retrieve all DDIs of an Implement with just one click
  • Different representation of supported and unsupported measurement commands
  • GNSS Simulator
  • Improved performance during the playback of long log files

Option .CANopen

  • The new view "PDO/SRDO Connections" provides an overview and configuration of the data exchange in a CANopen network
  • The naming scheme for the generation of the CANopen system variables can be adapted now
  • Enhancement of CAPL functions for SDO upload and download

Option .Sensor

  • The SENT tick time can now be configured in the configuration dialog and in CAPL to minimum 1.5 μs.
  • The tree view in the Sensor Dialog was updated to a more recent design

Option .Smart Charging

  • CCS Listener Support:
    The CCS Listener (VH5110) enables passive monitoring of communication between vehicle (EV) and charging station (EVSE). The CCS Listener can be connected both conductive and inductive directly to the Control Pilot (CP) line.
  • Vector GreenPHY Configurator:
    The Vector QCA Configurator is replaced by the Vector GreenPHY Configurator, which also allows the programming and configuration of GreenPHY PLC devices from Mediatek.

VT System

  • VT2808 Support:
    With the new VT2808 you can measure currents between 1mA and 16A on 8 channels. Alternatively, an external shunt voltage can be evaluated to measure higher currents
  • 1000BASE-T1piggy 88G2112 Support:
    The piggy board 1000BASE-T1piggy 88Q2112 for the VT6306 Ethernet Interface Module provides 6 Automotive Ethernet channels for 1000BASE-T1 networks including the simulation of electrical errors
  • Manual GUI VT2710:
    Interactive schematics are shown now for all Sensor channels in the VT System Control of VT2710
  • The design of the FPGA manager was adapted to the CANoe GUI

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