CANoe 12.0 SP2 (64 bit)

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With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:


  • ASAM XIL API: CANoe now offers an alternative way to connect to a XIL API client. This method is characterized by a particularly low configuration effort and consistently high performance.

Diagnostic Feature Set

  • DoIP: New CAPL function DoIP_SetMulticastScopeId() to select an adapter for an IPv6 Multicast address, in case multiple adapters are configured (e.g. adapters with and without VLAN)
  • OBD-II: Update of the error codes based on SAE J2012-DA 2018-12
  • Improved real-time behavior in conjunction with Seed & Key DLLs which take longer to load

Test Feature Set

  • Stability issue solved on repeatedly start of a test module via system variable with minimal delay

Option .LIN

  • LIN Interactive Scheduler

    • Signals can be changed symbolically
    • Support for undo / redo

Option .Ethernet

  • General

    • In the test report the Ethernet channels are listed as well now.
    • Output of a note when IP addresses are assigned twice.
    • Logging: In format PCAPNG the hardware timestamps are recorded now.
    • The interpretation of the IPsec Authentication Header is supported.
    • Timing improvement for DHCP
    • Correction of the interpretation of HKMC's EhtDiag protocol (available with OEM package)
    • Improved error handling in connection with TCP/UDP sockets
    • Fix an issue which does not prevent a download of an Ethernet configuration to a VN hardware in case of a missing channel mapping.
    • Fix an issue which prevents under Ethernet the access to "Secured Container".
    • Fix an issue with ApplicationEndpoint.
    • Fix an issue, which may cause that IP fragmented data is not recognized correctly.
    • Fix an issue with HTTP message length, which may prevent the correct interpretation of HTTP messages.
    • Stability improvement when a configuration is being saved in format of V11.0.
    • Fix an issue in connection with DHCP and VLAN priorities
    • Fix an issue which causes under FDX the SOME/IP InstanceId and MajorVersion being set to 0.

  • Trace Window (Ethernet)

    • Highlighting of RTP and RTCP events
    • Interpretation of multiple web-socket connections
    • Improved presentation of length information for the DHCP protocol
    • Improved presentation of TCP data transfer


    • Improvements on import of AUTOSAR databases
    • Support of Service Discovery with DHCP utilizing the CANoeILNL_AUTOSAR_Eth-IL
    • Support for AUTOSAR E2E profile 4 for PDUs.

  • Ethernet CAPL functions:

    • Improvements at the TCP/IP stack CAPL API for improved support of the OPEN TC8 Test
    • Support of DTLS
    • Fix an issue which may cause that a VLAN ID cannot be read.

  • Ethernet .NET functions:

    • Additional functions OnIpSendPrepare and OnIpReceivePrepare
    • Improvements in the handling of sockets

  • new Ethernet interface firmware (>= 11.1)

    • A new dialog supports the port configuration.
    • Support of AUTOSAR UDP NM
    • Support of ASCII logging
    • Improvements for the support of the "On Pdu *" handlers
    • Improvements for the bus statistics
    • Fix an issue when importing a logging file with multiple networks
    • Fix an issue which may cause that a test node does not have correct port information any more.

  • Improvements for SOME/IP:

    • New SomeIpSetProperty "DisableJoinMulticast"
    • Improved timing behavior on Subscribe
    • Changed Multicast MTU to Adapter MTU
    • Support of AUTOSAR PDUs by the SOME/IP IL
    • Fix an issue which may cause the usage of wrong data types.
    • Fix an issue with SecOC which may prevent the support of method requests.

  • Improvements for AVB:

    • The H.264 timestamp is set now.
    • PTP protocol violations are reported in the Trace Window.
    • Support of the AAF PCM format

Option .AMD/XCP

  • DAQ timestamps are now also set for complex objects such as maps and curves
  • XCP variables can also be used with CAPL on board

Option .Car2x

  • VN4610 support

    • VN4610 now has the certifications for CE and FCC
    • VN4610 is fully integrated in CANoe .Car2x hence 12.0
    • Transmission power up to 25dBm possible due to regulation in EU

      • Support of Tolling database (CoExistence)
      • DCC: Queue supports QoS priority and queue behavior is configurable

  • Chinese Protocols

    • The V2X protocols used in China are supported. The protocols and application messages are interpreted in CANoe and the data can be accessed from CAPL.

      • Support of GB/T 31024.3: C-ITS, DSRC-Part3: Network layer and application layer specification
      • Support of T/CSAE 53-2017: C-ITS Application layer specification and data exchange standard (message set)

  • CAPL

    • New timing function "C2xConvertMod32TsToUTC" for a better handling of GeoNetworking timestamps

  • Car2x Map Window

    • Support of HERE maps as map provider
    • Possibility to add customer specific map provider information

  • Hardware

    • The interface to connect a non-Vector 802.11p communication device and the according communication software (daemon) offered at the Vector homepage are no longer actively supported from version 12.0. As of CANoe version 13.0, the interface is no longer supported.
    • Vector provides the 802.11p network interface VN4610

Option .J1939

  • .NET API supports sending and receiving of J1939 Parameter Groups
  • GBT27930 Interaction Layer: extension of the status machine, additional configuration options
  • Simulation of GB/T 27930 system is explained with a new demo

Option .ISO11783

  • ISO11783 Interaction Layer: better support of the TIM protocol
  • Virtual Terminal Interaction Layer: better support of the RT and Standalone Mode

Option .CANopen

  • When changing the node ID, all objects whose default values are defined dependent on the node ID can now be reset to the default value of the new node ID.
  • If a simulation node takes over Configuration Master (CMT) tasks, there are new variables CMTstate and CMTinfo in the namespace Control to be able to react on events during the configuration process
  • When a new node is added, all its PDOs are invalidated
  • The column widths on the heartbeat and SYNC tabs are stored now
  • The CAPL CANopen functions now consider the bus context
  • Database generation is now possible when one or more networks are selected

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