CANoe.DiVa 12.0 SP1

Category : Service Pack
Size : 51.10 MB
MD5 hash : 4d53123d2ab299defada7aa65497bfa9

Updates existing installations of the DiVa extension for CANoe from 12.0 to 12.0 SP1. You will need an installed DiVa extension on your system to be able to run the update.

Required CANoe version

  • Vector CANoe 12.0

New Features

  • New OEM extensions

  • Updated OEM extensions: e.g. Daimler, TMC,... and others

Issues solved

  • Flashtests: in some cases the flash tests did not work because of a too strict timeout when loading the flash data

  • Links from test report to CANdelaStudio did not work if UNC paths were used

  • Solved some issues with .net test case integration

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