Indigo 6.0 SP2

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MD5 hash : b94a3e3532ba19ce23b2d8920fab9e10

Updates existing installations of version 6.0 to 6.0 SP2. Not suitable for older versions.

With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:


  • DoIP: Support communication via VLAN. (IDG-50163)
  • DoIP: Improve usability for entering communication parameters for DoIP. (IDG-50228, IDG-50332, IDG-50335, IDG-50338)
  • Support for HKMC EtherDiag (IDG-49070)
  • OBD: Update DTC definitions according to SAE J2012-DA 2018-12. (IDG-50228)
  • Several smaller improvements.


  • Project export to Sealed project leads to invalid seed and key DLL configuration. (IDG-49600)
  • Support authentication via Vector security manager for more than 17 ECUs. (IDG-50079)
  • Loading project with VLAN activated does not process vehicle address. (IDG-50301)
  • XIL API: System.ArgumentExeption in Binder when trying to communicate with functional groups. (IDG-50142)
  • Diagnostic Console sends service description as part of the request. (IDG-50334)
  • Several smaller issues solved.

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