CANape 17.0 SP2

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Updates existing installations of version 17.0 to 17.0.20 SP2. The following changes become effective with version 17.0.20:

User Operation and Display

  • Optionally, inverse conversion rules can be provided for environment variables with algebraic conversion rules.
  • An error during installation, which lead to the the required DirectX version not being installed, was fixed.
  • Support of the New Vector License Model was added for the included versions of AUTOSAR Explorer, FIBEX Explorer and LDF Explorer.
  • In automatic deployment scenarios, the installation stopped when a newer version of a Microsoft Visual Studio C++ redistributable was already installed. CANape now ships with the latest version of the redistributable.

Communication Protocols

  • Added support of packed mode for dynamic DAQ lists for XCP 1.4.
  • CAN-FD: Container PDUs are now logged correctly when using the MDF4.1 file format.

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • Storage of calibration parameters as separate signals in MDF measurement files can be activated for each recorder individually.

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & vCDMstudio)

  • Improved handling of invalid parameter values within the 'Merge' action of the vCDMstudio command line automatization: If the description of the parameter type is inconsistent between the parameter file and the A2L, a meaningful error message is written.
  • Import of parameter files in cvx format has been improved: If the file contains unexpected characters (e.g. a <TAB>), the correct error message is displayed.


  • iLinkRT: An error that occured when measuring signals in Motorola format was fixed.

Extended MATLAB/Simulink Support

  • Algorithm Designer: Measurement mode is now synchronized with the measurement list.
  • Algorithm Designer: Partial loading is supported now.


  • Improved AXIS camera handling.

Driver Assistance

  • The components of a GFX Vector object are extended by a factorization.
  • The use of HERE map material sources is eased by guided input.
  • Improved key navigation in Scene View window.
  • Camera Calibration Tool stores all images taken during the calibration process in a zip file.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • Using signal values as color function is possible even if the project does not provide valid signal information.
  • Structures of bus messages stored in MDF4 files will be displayed in the signal list of the Symbol Explorer.
  • When moving signals from a trace window to other windows using drag & drop, the channel number of bus signals is considered.

Working with Measurement Files

  • Converters now support FlexRay frames with length 0.
  • Interpretation of container PDU messages on ethernet is now possible.

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