DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.19.29

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MD5 hash : e5b65df9bbade0e1ac286945879ed0ed

Extends MICROSAR deliveries with the DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.19. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.


Only available as 64 bit executable. Windows 32 bit is no longer supported.


Unresolved Reference View

  • New view with a list of all unresolved references in the configuration
  • Convenient correction of the unresolved references

Improvements Diff&Merge

  • Difference View: grouping of differences by modules
  • Difference View: improved display of differences in task mapping
  • Difference View: Improved filter to hide irrelevant diffs (e.g. AdminData)
  • Filter to exclude elements from generic ECUC diff&merge

Automation Interface Extensions

  • Project creation and update for post-build selectable variants
  • Selection of use-cases during project setup (to apply use-case preconfiguration)

License Handling

  • DaVinci Configurator SIP.PB: all editors of domains "Communication" and "Diagnostics" now visible
  • Special icon and message type for easier detection license violations that are reported by MICROSAR generators

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • Support for AUTOSAR 4.4
  • Support for the component-based SIP/delivery structure
  • Support internal RTE Trigger (Interrunnable Trigger)
  • Support new NvRAM Block in “Setup Event Memory Blocks” Editor
  • Support for selective update of project
  • Provide Global Snapshot Information in "Diagnostic Event Data" Editor
  • Support Splitted Secured-IPDU in a Container-PDU
  • Import ASR 4.3.0 DEXT J1939 DTC
  • Extend the derivation of the CanTp's addressing formats
  • Command Line: Support separate Ecu Instance for each input file
  • Visualize acknowlegdements for top level elements in validation view

Fixed Issues

  • Change SIP workflow script location handling and log messages within the Update Workflow
  • RT00002 error in E2EProtectionValidator for E2Es without profile
  • Extend the validation of UUIDs to support splitted Input files
  • Update of validation view is broken
  • Module activation rejected
  • All ProjectStandardConfiguration files are ignored during the file preprocessing activity
  • Correctly extract DataTypeMappingSets and referenced ApplicationDataTypes
  • DataMappingValidation Exception For Mappings Without Signal Reference
  • ComIPduGroupRef parameter not derived for nested ISignalIPduGroup
  • The wrong Ecu Instance is chosen during the migration of the project from 5.16
  • Remove mapping rule for SecOCProvideTxTruncatedFreshnessValue
  • Derive Sd module only if service discovery is described in the System Extract
  • Add parameter to AcceptanceFilter View
  • Variant project switches into Update-Pending state after project update and reloading the project
  • Adapt derivation of SecOCUseMessageLink
  • The merge of J1939NmNode should consider the J1939NmClusters in all NmConfigs
  • Some SignalMappings are not derived to ComGwMapping
  • Initial configuration is applied to wrong module configuration
  • Migration short name used for Ecuc migration is not forwarded to the EcucUpdater
  • Get correct ComponentPrototype from DiagnosticServiceDataMappings for Connectors
  • Adapt RTE51035 message if compu method cannot be applied
  • Diff&Merge: ReadOnly Flags in arxml-Files to import should be ignored
  • PB-L update process stops: FibexElementRefs cannot be updated
  • Temporary generation files are deleted although the option 'Keep temporary generation files' is set
  • Differences View: Filter has no effect on executed actions
  • Difference Details View doesn't show values for BASE, MINE and OTHER
  • Production Error Handling Editor cannot find the DemDebounceTimeBased Definition
  • Consider the cluster for upperlayer Gateway routing target
  • Correct channel is not considered for the SecuredIPdu upperlayer check
  • Update Workflow gets aborted for vCanCcCdm configurations (CHAdeMO)
  • Diff & Merge Assistant - Performance: The evaluation of platform annotated CEs takes too long
  • DaVinci Configurator doesn't respond anymore when creating DaVinci Developer Workspace in Project Settings Editor
  • Exception when creating connectors on components
  • NullPointerException is shown when loading a project
  • Show RTE Validation messages only if RTE is active
  • Differences View: 'Copy' on non changeable elements returns incomplete AUTOSAR path
  • Automatic selection of VTT modules doesn't work if the user presses 'Finish'
  • Check for dongle drivers not working with 32 Bit Windows
  • RTE59001 is not solving all default actions
  • RTE59000 appears always for duplicate fibex elements
  • 'Synchronize now' fails with Model Modification Exception or other failure
  • SwcGeneration AR3: Symbol of runnables is not synchronized
  • SwcGeneration: CanEnterExclusiveAreas are not fully synchronized
  • Correct DataConstr Validation for type references
  • Basic Editor: Multi selection of containers that contain instance references throws an exception
  • Support explicit broadcast modelling for TcpIpLocalAddr
  • GlobalTimeDomain is not derived if SubDomain contains FupDataIDList
  • Parameter FrArTpGeneral/FrArTpHaveLm is not fully removed from mapping
  • Validation error PDUR12500 shows up for gateway routed XCP PDUs
  • Change the range of UUID validation from among variants to within variant.
  • Improve robustness of flex-ray physical channel evaluation
  • Exception thrown when deriving of ComGwDestination if there are no Signal oder SignalGroup in the SignalTriggering
  • Derive new ASR 4.3 parameters UdpNmImmediateNmCycleTime and UdpNmImmediateNmTransmissions
  • Removing a module causes an IllegalArgumentException
  • Workflow log files are empty after update
  • PostBuild-Selectable: ModelChangeMode wronlgy deletes non-multi-instance-parameters
  • Adapt SdClientService mapping rule to support TPS_SYST_02096
  • Module Import Merge: Numerical Values (Boolean, Integer, Float) are not resolved correctly
  • Change DCF-Load merge behaviour depending on atpSplitable stereotype
  • System extractor should filter out unnecessary GlobalTimeDomain elements
  • Automation Interface: ArxmlFile loading fails the second time in the same task execution
  • Add Information about atpSplitable stereotype to the IClassInfo
  • No stable UUID generate for CanHardwareObject in TX case
  • Derive MICROSAR specific enumeration value TcpIpAddressType.TCPIP_IPV4_BROADCAST
  • It is not possible to use AUTOSAR_COMPLEMENTARY_DATA files via command line
  • Show Input File name in Load Arxml File Activity
  • Validation View: ″Link with Editor″ issues
  • Move up and down buttons of action lists does not consider variants
  • Show user-friendly validation messages in Task Mapping Assistant
  • Missing 'not instantiated' - Decoration in multi instance parameter control
  • Derivation of J1939SharedAddressCluster
  • File Preprocessing Activity 'Load ARXML file' does not report loading errors to the user
  • TaskMappingAssistant does not show any icons
  • Wrong validation result id in RtmMeasurementPointService and unsufficient logger outputs
  • Do not derive NM module if no BusNm is derived
  • Deactivate TaskMappingEditor and TaskMappingAssistant without OS
  • Derive SecOCSecuredRxPduVerification
  • FatalError during Update due to already removed object
  • Do not derive XcpOnEthernetEnabled and XcpOnFlexRayEnabled
  • Do not derive TcpIpStaticIpAddressConfig for 'ANY' IP addresses and for runtime IP address configurations
  • Link-Navigation from TaskMapping Editor doesn't work for all cases
  • Wrong derivation of FrIfUserRxIndicationUL for ContainerIPdus
  • The creation of a new NvBlock is not possible when using 'Automap Diagnostic Data Objects' function
  • RTE59004 Non Variant Validation Results are Shown in Variant Tabs
  • Wrong derivation of DcmDsdSubServiceId of DiagnosticReadDTCInformation
  • Exception when an ApplicationComponent is renamed in Developer
  • Renaming of a container switches a reference value to the wrong variant

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