CANdelaStudio 10 P3

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Updates existing installations of version 10 to 10 P3. Not suitable for older versions. If you already installed separate plugin/data exchange patches for the Service Pack: these are not included, please install them again after installation of the Service Pack.

Issues Solved

  • Crash on Opening with Recent File Name not Ending with .cdd/.cddt (CDS-70705). Context: Start CANdelaStudio via command line with a qpath [CLI-R100-argument], so that the complete path is remembered as recent file. Then start CANdelaStudio again.
  • DTC Status Bits not Shown (CDS-70696)
  • Crash on starting CANdelaStudio while display scaling size is set higher than 160% (CDS-70812)
  • DID Selection for "Add DID Reference" Shows few DIDs (CDS-70756)
  • Crash for DEXT Export on Command Line (CDS-70711)
  • (in P2) Ship Licensing Library for 64 Bit (CDS-70669). Context: For use on 64 Bit Windows with software based licensing (not the new Vector License), if no other Vector tool has been installed for the same licensing type, CANdelaStudio failed to detect the license

Changes (in P1)

  • Completed Japanese user interface
  • ODX Export 10 P2 (customer specific adaptations)

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