CANoe.DiVa 11.0 SP4

Updates existing installations of the DiVa extension for CANoe from 11.0 to 11.0 SP4. You will need an installed DiVa extension on your system to be able to run the update.

Required CANoe version

  • Vector CANoe 11.0

New Features

  • Now supporting: Frequency stimulation on VT2516 and VT2004

  • Now supporting: Voltage setting on VT2516

  • Improved handling for taking over requirement links and comments from previous reports (independent from diagnostic state availability in test)

  • Improved test CAPL code generation (much faster for services with many parameters)

  • Various OEM specific improvements (Daimler, GM, TMC,...)

Issues solved

  • P2 metrics now calculated correctly again

  • Updating requirements to xml test report did not work if triggered several time in a session

  • Transport protocol test TP11: reporting was not correct after one iteration failed

Please note:
This software package contains an older version of WIBU CodeMeter, which contains a critical security vulnerability.
Please ensure to have the latest Vector License Client installed that fixes that vulnerability. For details refer to the Vector security advisory.

Size : 49.12 MB
MD5 hash : 46682c05a9ed320aadf7bbb24dc155e9
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