CANalyzer 11.0 SP3 (64 bit)

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With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:


  • Symbol Explorer

    • New column “unit” for all symbols
    • The partially cancelling of the search is visualized better now

  • In offline mode, the channel mapping can be set flexibly per file.
  • The standalone mode dialog has been revised. A new plug-in for the Platform Manager provides the basic functions for standalone mode.
  • The CAPL function graphicsWindowFit works correctly now when the Graphics Window is closed
  • Panel Designer

    • If the text of the description of the Input/Output Box is too long, you can select whether the start of the text or the end of the text should be displayed
    • The “Text and Control function” aligns controls (Input/Output Box, Combo Box, Check Box, Radio Button) and adjusts the width of the label and element
    • Switch values from value tables can be assigned for the Button, Check Box, LED Control, Media Player, Radio Button, and Switch/Indicator controls

  • ASR Explorer

    • Read Only text fields can be copied from property view
    • When deleting signals not needed signal triggerings will be removed

Diagnostic Feature Set

  • Improved Support of 4K displays and reworked design of the diagnostic windows
  • Improved robustness:

    • when logging in the pre-filter branch
    • when applying invalid parameter values for the parameter ALFID for service $2C $02 requests (Dynamically Define Periodic Data Define By Address)

  • Deactivation of TesterPresent is working now with FlexRay in combination with diagnostic descriptions configured as FGR
  • The OBD window is now correctly updated after resizing it
  • In an ODB-II configuration for 29bit CAN Identifier at 500kB baud rate, flow control messages are now sent with the correct timing
  • Improved Support of diagnostic descriptions with Japanese translation
  • Improvements in the Diagnostics/ISO TP dialog on Japanese systems and regarding diagnostic descriptions configured for FlexRay as FGR
  • Improved handling of parameters which are defined across byte boundaries

CAN interactive generator

  • Triggering on frame reception is possible
  • Triggering on System Variable update or change is possible

Option .LIN

  • LDFExplorer: The Consistency Checker validates now J2602 frame ID ranges

Option .FlexRay

  • Container PDUs are efficiently assembled on the network interface. The function is activated via an INI switch.

Option .Ethernet

  • Support of VT6306 Hardware
  • Support direct access to Ethernet protocol fields from CAPL
  • Support of WebSockets
  • Improved display of hexadecimal TCP/UDP Port numbers at the Trace Window
  • Improved interpretation of the TLS-Handshake
  • Showing additional information like VLAN-ID and others of an Ethernet AUTOSAR PDU in the Trace-Window
  • Stability improvements on the Ethernet Network Monitor
  • Fix an issue of the IP Timestamp option of the TCP/UDP/IP-Stack
  • Fix an issue in the CANalyzer TCP/IP Callback API which may prevent write access to System variables
  • Limitation of the Ethernet packet size to 14 to 1612 Byte when using the on-board Ethernet interface (not VNxxxx) of the PC
  • Fix an issue of the Network hardware dialog which may display a wrong image of an Ethernet interface
  • Fix an issue which may cause compiler errors in CAPL when using the function GetVLan()
  • Fix an issue at the TCP/UDP/IP-Stack configuration dialog when deleting a VLAN which may cause that the wrong VLAN configuration will be removed
  • Improved interpretation of the DoIP protocol when using TCP
  • GUI improvement at the Trace Window to limit the list of offered Predefined Filters
  • Fix an issue at the IP Filter which offers invalid filter options

Option .Car2x

  • [VN4610]: Support of VN4610 integrated

Option .J1939

  • Trace window

    • Better interpretation of consecutive RTS messages
    • Correct comment presentation at J1939 Wide Events

Option Scope

  • Support of oscilloscope Vector PicoScope5444D-034.

    • For usage with CANoe/CANalyzer the Option .Scope is needed.
    • The scope can also be used with standard software from manufacturer PicoTech.

  • Vector PicoScope 5444D-034 with 4 analog channels and 200 MHz bandwidth
  • Fast data transfer with USB 3.0
  • USB-powered for 2 channels (1 CAN/FR or 2 LIN/IO)
  • External power supply needed for 4 channels (2 CAN/FR or 4 LIN/IO)
  • 500 MS/s sampling rate (for 2 channels) with up to 512 MS buffer
  • Network connection via Scope Bus Probe (x10) with DSUB bus connector
  • Time synchronization via Scope Trigger Y-Cable with Vector HW sync connector

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