CANape 16.0 SP5

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Updates existing installations of version 16.0 to 16.0.50 SP5.

The following changes become effective with version 16.0.50:

User Operation and Display

  • Creating project containers is also possible in case of user defined project file names.
  • Automation of CANape or remote access to CANape according to the license agreement does not require a manual change to the vector.ini anymore.

Communication Protocols

  • Added support of VX0312 for the bus analysis use-case.
  • Added support of VN5640 for CSM Ethercat devices.

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • The option to repeat signal values measured at start of measurement in all split files of the measurement does work for large measurement files, too.
  • The ADAS object decoder now also supports bitmasks.
  • An error that occured when writing an MDF file which contains a PDU that was sent by two nodes was fixed.
  • New CSMconfig version 8.9.1


  • The automatic detection of database changes has been improved.

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & CDM Studio)

  • When creating an empty PaCo file in vCDMstudio and entering data (by copying from other files and manually changing values), the curves and maps will always be saved according to the format specification. This will also be the case when the file is saved inbetween the individual changes.
  • Improved display of address information in vCDMstudio: If an address mapping is available in the A2L, the computed addresses (e.g. FLASH addresses) are calculated correctly and displayed.
  • Robuster treatment of devices with a corrupted dataset project. The selection of the dataset directory has been improved.
  • Fixed crashes during application start if using software based licenses via FlexNet.
  • Robuster treatment of devices with a corrupted dataset project. Actions like "Display datasets" are disabled.
  • Parameters containing a verbal conversion table with more than 250 entries are displayed correctly in vCDMstudio.
  • The format selected during the last usage of "Save Parameter Set As…" will be saved for the next call.
  • Improved error handling when activating a dataset which was created by duplicating an existing one.


  • COM/API: The function Asap3ReadByAddress is also usable in the 64bit API.
  • COM/API: Improved behaviour when calibrating objects with adress extension.
  • COM/API: Improved behaviour when activating logging to file via the API.
  • COM/API: Improved behaviour in case of repeated attempts to start measurement of an offline device.
  • COM/API: Fixed an error that occured when using CDD databases with CAN-FD network information.
  • COM/API: Added the possibility to configure security for diagnotic devices.
  • COM/API: An error in the method Asap3GetDBObjectInfo(): Map objects were erroneously interpreted as a curve.


  • The maximum values of signals from AUTOSAR 3.x databases are imported correctly.


  • Vector driver for Axis cameras with H.264 compression
  • Command line tool to convert video raw data into avi

Data Mining

  • Calling sub functions from functions is supported in Data Mining, too.
  • A problem that occured when processing video signals in Data Mining was solved.

Driver Assistance

  • Data objects provided from a device via Object Decoder Plugin are stored with mime-type "application/protobuf" and the protobuf file is attached to the MDF.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • When using Distributed High Performance Recording, the live display in CANape now also works for correct for arrays of all data types.
  • Significant reduction of the loading- and updating times when working with MDF files.
  • New signal value comments can be edited afterwards.
  • Using macros, signal values can be inserted into measurement file comments if they are part of measured structures.
  • Better support of reading MDF4 bus logging files from third party companys, for example CAETEC.
  • Improved performance during loading MDF4 measurement files with huge count of signals (> 100.000)

Working with Measurement Files

  • Reading MDF4 measurement files with greater data block size then required for the data can be read without error message.
  • Status text tables with up to 20.000 entries can be read from MDF4 measurement files.
  • MDF4 measurement files with corrupted data will never be sorted to keep the original file.

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