vFlash 4.0 SP2

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Updates existing installations of version 4.0 to 4.0 SP2. Not suitable for older versions. 

New features and improvements

  • Support reconnect if Auto IP address changed after ECU switched into Bootloader (VFLS-46493)
    The Auto IP address might change after a reboot (e.g. when switching into Bootloader). vFlash reconnects to the ECU even if the VAMs are sent from another IP address as long as other identification items (e.g. VIN) match.
  • Broadcast Flashing: Material (VFLS-46584)
    The LIN Broadcast Flashing feature introduced with vFlash 4 was extended by an example vFlash project and a sample CANoe configuration residing in the vFlash Demos Folder (%public%\Documents\Vector\vFlash\4\Demos\LIN). Additionally the vFlash Help and Demo Guide LIN were extended by explanatory chapters regarding LIN Broadcast Flashing.

New vFlash Templates

Issues solved

  • Mismatching signature is not recognized (VFLS-46404)
    Receiving a negative response to Tester Present request sent functionally with SPRMIB while waiting for the response of another physical request resulted in vFlash misinterpreting the Tester Present response belonging to the physical request. Depending whether a positive response is required to this physical request, the reprogramming failed at this point then.
  • ECU extract in AUTOSAR 4.3 format does not work for vFlash using FlexRay (VFLS-46648)
    Using an ECU extract in AUTOSAR 4.3 format as a system description for a FlexRay configuration lead to a CommunicationFailed error.
  • Ford VBF files larger than 16MB cannot be loaded (VFLS-46720)
    Selecting a Ford VBF file larger than 16MB as a datablock failed and resulted in a error message.
  • Force Boot Mode: keep configured message distance more precisely (VFLS-46858)
    The predefined period with which Force Boot Mode messages are sent (e.g. 5ms) was not kept. The messages were sent with a lower frequency than predefined.
  • Windows 10: Message box is shown without border (VFLS-46673)
    For some Windows 10 versions the Bit Timing Configuration window was shown without borders (CAN / CAN FD Sample Point settings).
  • vFlashStationNodeLayer.dll shall get an extended interface similar to vFlashNodeLayer.dll (VFLS-46525)
    Using vFlash from withing CANoe CAPL code was improved, iter alia by extending the API by functions to control vFlash Station more efficiently.
  • vFlashNodeLayer.DLL shows problem with non-blocking API (VFLS-46012)
    When a CANoe configuration contained 2 test modules that each use the VFlashNodeLayer.DLL and the old non-blocking API, vFlashInitialization failed.
  • Some smaller issues are solved.

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