DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.17.66 SP4

Category : Service Pack
Size : 377.83 MB
MD5 hash : 4b2df64a2c44a5332003eca12a789b2e

Updates existing installations of version 5.17 to 5.17 SP4. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.

Fixed Issues

  • Removing a module causes an IllegalArgumentException
  • Workflow log files are empty after update
  • PostBuild-Selectable: ModelChangeMode wronlgy deletes non-multi-instance-parameters
  • Adapt SdClientService mapping rule to support TPS_SYST_02096
  • Module Import Merge: Numerical Values (Boolean, Integer, Float) are not resolved correctly
  • Change DCF-Load merge behaviour depending on atpSplitable stereotype
  • System extractor should filter out unnecessary GlobalTimeDomain elements
  • Automation Interface: ArxmlFile loading fails the second time in the same task execution
  • Performance: Diff&Merge Assistant: The evaluation of platform annotated CEs takes too long
  • Add Information about atpSplitable stereotype to the IClassInfo
  • No stable UUID generate for CanHardwareObject in TX case
  • Derive MICROSAR specific enumeration value TcpIpAddressType.TCPIP_IPV4_BROADCAST
  • SwcGeneration: CanEnterExclusiveAreas are not fully synchronized
  • It is not possible to use AUTOSAR_COMPLEMENTARY_DATA files via command line
  • 'Synchronize now' fails with Model Modification Exception or other failure
  • Get correct ComponentPrototype from DiagnosticServiceDataMappings for Connectors


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