CANape 16.0 SP4

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The following changes become effective with version 16.0.40:

User Operation and Display

  • It is now possible to create a label list from the signals selected in a graphic window.
  • Added support for licensing with keyman dongles for Windows 10.
  • The Administration Installation Manual has been updated for CANape 16.

Communication Protocols

  • Corrected an erroneous behavior: Devices can now be set to offline via the ribbon/quick access bar if a bus monitor has been removed from the device list before.
  • Added support for the CAN channels of ETAS ES592 hardware.
  • XCP on CAN devices: The bus load regards the parameter MAX_BUS_LOAD from the ASAP2-database.
  • The scripting function CreateDevice() now also works with ARXML files (CAN/J1939).
  • XCP event list: If any required XCP command is not implemented, the automatic detection is suppressed.
  • XCP 1.4 AML: The missing entry OPTIMSATION_TYPE_ODT_STRICT was added.
  • Added support for XCP 1.4 DAQ packed mode.
  • FlexRay: An error with bus synchronization for databases with missing communication parameters has been fixed.
  • Added support of the XCP 1.4 command GET_VERSION.
  • Added support of the XCP 1.4 command GET_SLAVE_ID_EXTENDED for checking communication settings.

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • The address extension of ECU symbols is stored in anonymous measurement configurations, too.
  • An error that prevented the creation of CSM CAN modules was mitigated.
  • The check for signal events is optimized for signals with a sample rate of 1MHz: Downsampling can be used to reduce processor load in this case.
  • Ethernet logging: Object decoder plugin for custom protocols.
  • During completion of anonymous measurement files only the name of the A2L file will be checked, the path can be different.

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & CDM Studio)

  • Improvement for "Save as…" in vCDMstudio: If the user selects the current file as target and confirms this, the file will be saved directly.
  • The action "Go to Function/Group" in vCDMstudio can now also be executed on the first column.
  • Added support of dependent parameters that also are variant-coded. Both the input parameter and the dependent parameter have to be assigned to the same variant criteria.


  • COM/API: An error that occurred when a script should be run before measurement start has been fixed.
  • COM/API interface: The recorder state is returned correctly when the recorder is preconfigured to start in pause mode.
  • COM/API interface: The functions Asap3GetMeasurementListEntries() and Asap3GetDatabaseObjects() now use the same syntax for object names.

Extended MATLAB/Simulink Support

  • Improved search function for user-defined parameters in the Model Explorer.


  • Diagnostics over IP: The tester present timeout from the CDD is considered.
  • Diagnostic devices: The values of a table of variant-coded strings are displayed correctly again.


  • Use of MIME type information to display raw data images in the Multimedia window.


  • Improved FlexRay signal handling for Matlab/Simulink models running on VN89.
  • Support FlexRay Spy-Mode in stand-alone Bypass/Fullpass execution.

Functions and Scripts

  • The 'interpolate' modifier does work for curves and maps passed to functions as function argument.
  • The usage of signal source names with illegal characters in CASL code is possible if the name is enclosed in apostrophes.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • Virtual algebraic signals can access other virtual signals, too.
  • The Thermodynamic State Chart window does work with constant values, too.
  • The count of values will be displayed for signals from Excel or MATLAB (HDF5) measurement files.
  • Floating graphic windows consider changes of the time axis in case of enabled Global Synchronized Time Axis.

Working with Measurement Files

  • Support for AUTOSAR PDUs for offline analysis of logged Ethernet bus messages.
  • If there are multiple import converters available for a measurement file extension, the user can select the desired converter after dropping the file on the application.
  • Speed up displaying signals from MDF4 files with a lot of signals in a channel group and with compressed storage.
  • There is a new command line tool Add2MF4 to embed a series of picture or audio files into a MDF4 file.

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