CANalyzer 11.0 SP2 (64 bit)

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With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:


  • The CAPL functions sysGetVariableMin and sysGetVariableMax support unsigned 32bit and 64bit values now
  • A paused Graphics Window loads data much quicker when stopping the measurement
  • The Hex column in the Graphics Window shows correct values now


  • Autosar Explorer 2 supports the AR Scheme 4.3.1


  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) with new Public Key Infrastructure Source (PKI Source)

    • TLS communication with automatic encryption and decryption
    • Simulation of server and client
    • Managing of certificates in the Security Manager
    • File based certificate import

  • Support of authenticator signals up 64 bytes

Diagnose Feature Set

  • Fix for an issue with the FPL byte in start frames (FlexRay)
  • Fix for an issue, by which diagnostic requests, which were sent by the Diagnostic Console were not visible in the Trace Window (FlexRay)
  • Fix for a sporadic Runtime Kernel Crash at measurement stop
  • Improved handling of timing parameters from ODX/PDX diagnostic description in combination with LOGICAL-LINKs

Option .LIN

  • LIN Interactive Scheduler

    • The LIN ISC now makes it easy to configure the Break-Field parameters of a LIN-Header and the NM Wake-Up parameters

Option .Ethernet

  • Support for Marvell-PHY Q2122 (1000BASE-T1)
  • Support of TLS
  • Add TLS support for Security Manager
  • Support of Ethernet Network Monitor in CANalyzer, too
  • General stability and functional improvements on the Ethernet Network Monitor
  • Showing SOME/IP Event groups in the Ethernet Network Monitor
  • Showing SOME/IP Instance ID of a Service in the Ethernet Network Monitor
  • The Ethernet Network Monitor can be configured for individual Ethernet channels
  • Support of protocol buffer language version 3 („proto3“) for FSA protocol
  • Improved visualization of Ethernet in the Symbol-Explorer
  • State Tracker window now supports signals represented by the SignalProtocol.DLL
  • Fix an issue with respect to VN8911 and VN8914 which may lead to that Ethernet frames are not shown completely in the Trace-Window if ETH1 channel has not been connected
  • CANoe/CANalyzer now checks if the installed Vector Ethernet network driver is up-to-date
  • Fix an issue which may prevent that the VN8910 interface is offered in the hardware configuration dialog
  • Fix an issue in the Ethernet IG which may cause a transmission of cyclic frames even though they have been deleted during the measurement
  • Fix an issue that my cause a wrong visualization of the Ethernet checksum in the Trace-Window when using Windows10 and the build in Ethernet port


  • Fix and issue which may display only a fragment of the synchronization source in the Trace-Window column “Synchronization Source”
  • Fix an issue which may prevent the filtering of RTP and RTCP events in the IP Filter block
  • Stability improvement when using the GL Logger mode
  • Stability improvement when receiving two consecutive Follow-Up frames of an ECU with the same time information
  • General stability improvements


  • Support of SOME/IP transport protocol in the Trace window and in the simulation (size is limited to 64 kB)
  • General stability improvements
  • Fix an issue with the assignment of signal names to Ethernet channels which may happen if one database is assigned to multiple Ethernet networks


  • Support of a “Simulated” property for Ethernet packets
  • Support of TLS

Option .Car2x
VN4610 (release date for VN4610 network interface planned for September 2018).
CANoe/CANalyzer supports the new VN4610 network interface for 802.11p as far as the hardware is released

  • CANoe/CANalyzer time basis can be configured to use GPS time of VN4610
  • GNSS parameters are available as system variables
  • Default channel settings can be easily configured in CANoe/CANalyzer Hardware setup
  • Transmission Power (TxPower) can be set during runtime
  • Trace Window shows addition information about Tx/Rx parameters like channel configuration, Tx/Rx power, datarate, ...

Option .J1939

  • Data Window

    • Correct representation of signal values that are in the Not available range according to J1939-71.

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