E/E Development for Future Vehicle Innovations

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PREEvision – Technical Article

E/E Development for Future Vehicle Innovations – An Integrated, Model-based Approach

The development of modern electric/electronic (E/E) architectures is a challenge today more than ever. Numerous development criteria must be taken into account, and classic vehicle domains need to be linked to new functions in the areas of driver assistance and autonomous driving. Completely new functions that are no longer limited to just the vehicle, but are also provided as services in the “IT backend” outside the vehicle, are emerging here. The introduction of serviceoriented architectures and powerful domain computers, Ethernet to on-board communication, connectivity gateways and, last but not least, increasing safety and security requirements represent profound and radical changes for every development organization. To master these complex development tasks successfully as a team, a development platform and E/E database, which can be implemented in different ways, are required.

Published in ATZ elektronik, issue 6/2016

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