PassThru XL Library 1.0 SP11 (32 bit)

Category : Service Pack
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Size : 7.91 MB
MD5 hash : 6a43bc83f8d8773ef587b5f0228163cd

Installs the PassThru XL Library version 1.0 SP11. An installation of a previous version is not required. To use the library you need a valid license.

New features and improvements

  • 64-bit PassThru XL Library (PTH-37343)
    PassThru XL Library is now also available as x64 installation. This allows using the Vector hardware interfaces from 64-bit based applications.
  • Support Vector's new licensing mechanism. (PTH-41422)
  • Apply IoCtl DATA_RATE as CAN_FD_DATA_PHASE_RATE for CAN FD protocols (PTH-41429)
    Some applications use the DATA_RATE IoCtl ID to set the CAN FD data phase baudrate instead of CAN_FD_DATA_PHASE_RATE. The implementation now maps the DATA_RATE ID to the CAN_FD_DATA_PHASE_RATE ID in case of CAN FD protocols.


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