CANoe / CANalyzer 10.0 SP4 (64 bit)

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Updates existing installations of the 64 bit variant of version 10.0 to 10.0 SP4. Not suitable for older versions.

With Service Pack 4, the following changes become effective:


  • Introduction of new communication concepts for service oriented architectures (SoA) and AUTOSAR adaptive
  • Improved usability for working with encrypted CAPL files
  • Configurable transport layer for FDX communication (UDP/TCP, IPv4/IPv6)
  • Improved logging control via COM
  • CAPL function DBLookUp now supports the dynamic search of AUTOSAR PDUs in databases

    Graphic Window

    • Zoom via mouse wheel works in all situations correctly now
    • No changes of the zoom after importing MDF files
    • A crash when switching to Offline Mode was fixed

Security Feature Set

  • Security Manager

    • New window framework with output window for status messages.
    • Multi language Support: Switch of tool language between German and English.

  • CANoe Security Functions

    • Mark of the PDU type Secured-I-PDU in the Symbol Explorer.

Diagnose Feature Set

  • Stability improvements with certain FlexRay configurations as well as when replacing diagnostic descriptions containing multiple variants or languages
  • Improved interpretation of diagnostic responses in the Diagnostic Console, when "Raw values" is active
  • Improved configuration of diagnostic descriptions for FlexRay regarding the selection of database nodes

Test Feature Set

  • Navigation from CANoe Test Report Viewer to CANoe is now possible also for later analysis that is based e.g. on offline mode, or on import of logs into the trace window
  • New check that verifies CRCs of AUTOSAR PDUs / signal groups
  • New Application Note AN-IND-1-021 “Vector Testing Solution” available, as a full replacement of obsolete AN-IND-1-002 “Testing with CANoe”
  • Change of variant properties of Test Units during measurement is now corrected
  • Japanese systems / JLK only: Within XML TestReport, timestamps of logging start/end have been corrected

VT System

  • The digital I/Os of VT2710 – Serial Interface Module can now also be operated also by User FPGA programs
  • There are now additionally symbolic descriptions for non-physical arguments of VT System functions and methods (e.g. measurement modes, trigger types etc.) available

Option AMD/XCP

  • CSM measurement modules with high data rates (>10kHz) are now supported according to XCP 1.4
  • The “Check DAQ configuration” function works correctly now
  • 64bit values are handled correctly now
  • The address inside the response of CCP download commands is not evaluated any more
  • A crash when A2L files get invalid due to an update is fixed now
  • The CAN channel setting does not change when the hardware configuration dialog is closed
  • Missing value tables are handled better now

Option .Ethernet

  • [CANOE-159540] Support the configuration of 1000BASE-T1 physical layer at the VN5640 interface.
  • [CANOE-147691] Support the configuration of static ARP tables of the TCP/IP-Stack.
  • [CANOE-159874] Interpretation of the Ethernet-Flow-Control packet.
  • [CANOE-283985] Fix an issue with the Analysis filter of the Trace window which may prevent loading of old configurations.
  • [CANOE-283848] Add VLAN-ID to the default Trace window columns settings.
  • [CANOE-155773, CANOE-155771] Support of RTP- and TRCP packet header in the Trace Window’s Detail View.
  • [CANOE-160383] Improved report functionality with respect to the time triggered transmission feature.
  • [CANOE-151071] Support of PGT signals in CAPL and Panels.
  • [CANOE-159099, CANOE-159267, CANOE-159215] Enhanced interpretation of the PGT protocol in the Trace Window.
  • [CANOE-160303] Fix an issue which may prevent the usage of the AVB-IL with an VN8910.
  • [CANOE-158003] Fix an issue with the configuration of IPv6 hardware filter that may cause a modification of existing hardware filters.
  • [CANOE-152038] Improved handling of IPv6 Link-Local addresses.
  • [CANOE-155986] Support the API for time triggered transmission on the VN5640 interface.
  • [CANOE-158584] Fix an issue with the VN7640 interface that may prevent starting the measurement when a 100BASE-T1 ethernet channel has been configured.
  • [CANOE-158585] Support automatic configuration of the VN7640 interface.
  • [CANOE-159244] Fix an issue with a VN5610 interface that runs in Bypass mode, connected to a VN8912.
  • [CANOE-159302] Fix an issue with VN8912 in Standalone mode and VN5640 which prevents the reception of Ethernet frames.
  • [CANOE-156121] Fix an issue with the diagnostic console which prevents the transmission to some IP addresses.
  • [CANOE-159093] Fix an issue which prevents that correct meta data will be written in PCAP and PCAPNG logging files.


  • [CANOE-159046] Support SecOC for SOME/IP PDUs.
  • [CANOE-158825] Support functionality to adjust the max. length of a SD frame.
  • [CANOE-159248] Improved IPv6 API
  • [CANOE-160070] Improved support when accessing Service signal properties by means of the CAPL function DBLookup().
  • [CANOE-159255] Improved interpretation for some SOME/IP packets.
  • [CANOE-158634] On reception of SOME/IP PDUs the general PDU handler will be called, too.
  • [CANOE-284259] Fix an issue the prevents disabling an optimization for cyclic transmission.
  • [CANOE-284097] Fix an issue which may causes that the wrong IP address for Service Discovery is read from the database.
  • [CANOE-284096] Fix an issue which prevents the initialization of a reserved field in a Service Discovery PDU.
  • [CANOE-159540] Fix an issue with the interpretation of SOME/IP PDUs which are secured by SecOC.
  • [CANOE-137754] Fix an issue which may cause rounding differences on UINT64 signals.
  • [CANOE-110479] Fix an issue which may cause that PDUs are not sent together in a single Ethernet frame.
  • [CANOE-159194] Fix an issue with the configuration of TCP and UDP ports for SOME/IP.

Option .Car2x

  • New CAPL function C2xGetStationColor(): returns the configured color of an ITS station in the ITS Station Manager
  • Function C2xSendMsg() now automatically uses current time

Option .ISO11783

  • ISO11783_IL

    • Correct handling of AUX keys in HOLD state
    • Correct sending of Input Maintenance message after deactivation and reactivation of the simulation node

  • ISO11783_VT_IL

    • Fixed cause of crash when using function VTIL_ACK() resp. VTIL_ACKMsg()
    • Correct message order when using function VTIL_EditNumericValue() with parameter 'duration' equal to '0'
    • Functions VTIL_EditNumericValue(), VTIL_EditStringValue(), VTIL_PressButton() and VTIL_PressSoftKey() can also be applied to invisible objects.

Option Sensor

  • Support of the user FPGA on the VT2710 module for high performance and time critical sensor applications
  • New PSI5 Demo (PSI5Basic)
  • New SENT Demo (SENTBasic)
  • New SPI Demo (SPIBasic)


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