CANoe.DiVa 3.1 SP2

Updates existing installations of version 3.1 to 3.1 SP2. CANoe 8.1  SP4 is required.

Required CANoe version:

  • Vector CANoe 8.1 SP4

New Features:

  • OBD II update
  • Numeric entry fields now show if a dec or a hex value needs to be entered
  • Improved Service/DTC-Table performance for very large CDD/PDX
  • Test: Support of VW v1.10
  • Test: Parameter comparison now also reports expected and received values if test is passed
  • VW Tests can now also be activated using a Porsche CDD
  • VT7001 sup1 mode supported for automated clamp control and DTC testing
  • Transport Layer test TP4 and TP5 now also supported if blocksize 1 is used
  • VH1150 support for automated clamp control
  • CANoe.DiVa now informs the CANoe environment if User Interaction is required via system variable DiVa::WaitingForUser

Issues solved:

  • Modified service requests sometimes not saved before Pack&Go
  • Under certain circumstances the Status Availability Mask could not be calculated
  • Parameter setting for invalid format request is re-enabled
  • GMW3110: entering of memory addresses was not possible
  • Sweep test were deactivated after diagnostic data update
  • In very rare cases the CAPL compiler ran out of memory
  • VAG: In some cases suppress bit setting was not possible for service 0x85 ControlDTCSetting
  • Java trace display in browser window works again with CANoe 8.1 SP4 (applet is now signed)


Category : Service Pack
Size : 26.21 MB
MD5 hash : 5b87aab1f7582b369b805070f39bfab0
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