Indigo 4.6 SP1

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Updates existing installations of version 4.6 to 4.6 SP1. Not suitable for older versions. 

With Service Pack 1, the following changes become effective:

New Features and Improvements

  • Report Designer. (IDG-39615)
    The Report Designer allows the modification of report templates for PDF/HTML reports. The end user may exchange the company logo, adapt fonts or re-arrange the contents of the reports.
  • VN88 Indigo Access Point Compact. (IDG-48159)
    The VN88 Indigo Access Point Compact serves as standalone access point for Indigo Remote diagnostics.
  • Manage Networks: Provide dialog for changing enhanced communication timing parameters. (IDG-47890)
    Inside the manage networks dialog enhanced communication parameters like StMin can be overridden.
  • Manage Networks: Allow resetting modified ComParameter values to original value. (IDG-48166)
    Overwritten communication parameter values can now be restored to the default settings of the diagnostic database by entering an empty string.
  • OBD Diagnostic Console: Display service / OBD mode in addition to the category. (IDG-48094)
  • OBD Vehicle Status: Display PID information in addition to Monitor Status group. (IDG-48102)
  • Demo: Improve Indigo OBD Demo simulation. (IDG-48014)
  • Display OBD API Help in StartUp page. (IDG-48050)
  • Persist "Details" state of LiveData, Parametrizer and Identification Browser. (IDG-48082)
  • Several smaller improvements.

Issues solved

  • Parametrizer: Comparison of double values of written parameters did not work. (IDG-48149)
  • OBD Diagnostic Console: Clear Diagnostic data is missing. (IDG-48096)
  • OBD Diagnostic Console: Remove German translation for "Pending" and "Confirmed" DTCs. (IDG-48098)
  • Script Recorder: Avoid using Vector.Diagnositcs.OBD for vFlash Custom Actions. (IDG-48194)
  • Indigo displays empty window setup if the default variant qualifier of one ECU is not available. (IDG-48197)
  • Manage Networks: MDI instead of MDI-2 is selected when switching hardware assignment MDI-2. (IDG-48201)
  • Manage Networks: Preserve network assignment if hardware assignment changed (MDI to MDI2). (IDG-48204)
  • Several smaller issues solved.

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