DaVinci Developer 3.1.41 SP4

Contains the complete installation of DaVinci Developer 3.1.41 (SP4). For the operation a license of version 3.1 or higher is necessary. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary. For the code generation the MICROSAR RTE 2.20 is required.

Detailed overview of compatible MICROSAR RTE versions:

For configuring the MICROSAR basic software modules you need a compatible version of the DaVinci Developer or DaVinci Configurator Pro.

You may download the required version or service pack from DaVinci Service Packs Download.


With a license of the latest tool version you may also run any older version. You don’t need a separate older license.

DaVinci Developer compatibility

MICROSAR 4, Release 16 ff. (DaVinci Developer 4.x)

MICROSAR 4, Release 5-20 (DaVinci Developer 3.x)

MICROSAR 3, Release 13-19

MICROSAR 3, Release 8-12

MICROSAR 3, Release 3-7

DaVinci Configurator compatibility


MICROSAR 3: use the latest version of DaVinci Configurator 4.2.x.


List of changes:

With Service Pack 4 (Update to 3.1 Build 41), the following changes become effective:

Usability enhancements:

  • "Unmap Signal" in the context menu of the Data-Mapping view now supports multi-selection
  • Rte trigger and runnable offset properties are now displayed in the properties view when selecting a task mapping table cell
  • The "Show ..." option settings in the Data-Mapping dialog are now remembered between dialog sessions
  • Multi-selection is now supported for complex constant values via In-Place editing
  • Enhanced check for unique C-Symbols in generated Rte code to detect name inconsistencies prior to Rte generation
  • Import dialog options are now persistently stored in the workspace to restore them as default on the next dialog session

Fixed issues:

  • Factor and offset of a data type scaling was mot imported if the ARXML didn't contain a denominator definition at the CompuMethod
  • Modification of read/write generic attributes cannot be stored because the Data Element Prototype was read-only
  • Loading DCF workspace consumed large amount of memory
  • DataSendCompletionTrigger caused a missing Rte-Event reference error in the ECUC-Sync dialog.
  • ECU-Project report didn't work for read-only workspaces
  • Create DPA project out of existing files failed in DaVinci DEV if no workspace was selected
  • Graphic was missing in the HTML report for newly created software components
  • Rte generation ran out of memory when using huge complex data types
  • The user defined block size on the NvNeed was not used for the ECU-C Synchronization. Instead a wrong calculated value was used.
  • DCF workspace save was prevented by check message due to inconsistent import
  • Adapt data element to match signals was not available for complex types
  • Import of record constant caused unresolved reference error if obsolete record elements were referenced
  • Under some circumstances newly created elements didn't get unique names within their package namespace
  • The special import 'Overwrite import mode preset' didn't work with read-only items
  • Manual service mapping allowed creation of redundant connections
  • Import aborted with COM-error 'Invalid parameter' due to an unsupported encoding
  • Adapt port prototypes function didn't copy the E2E and HandleNeverReceived settings
  • DaVinci DEV runs out of memory because of memory leaks when saving DCF workspace. For DaVinci DEV 3.1 SP4 some leaks have been fixed but there still exists some more that will be fixed in a later version.
  • Import of Record Constants mixed up the values when a Record Constant was imported that already existed in the workspace with a different element order.


  • AUTOSAR 4.0 import is only possible for software components that do not use AUTOSAR 4.0 specific design features. I.e. only AUTOSAR 3.x related design features are supported.


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