Vector Driver Setup 9.9.7

Category: Driver/Firmware
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MD5 hash: d11dc44edafd2b5e5221b04f811d9144

The setup supports the operating systems Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32 bit and 64 bit) and Windows 10 (64 bit).
You can read further information about the supported operating systems for each device in the file Drivers/readme.txt within the download package.
Note: The current Driver Setup for Vector Network Interfaces supports ISO CAN FD on the accordingly marked Network Interfaces. For non-ISO CAN FD support you will find older driver versions in a dedicated "Vector Driver Setup non-ISO CAN FD" in the download-center.

The following setups are contained:

CANcardXL 8.7.16  
CANcardXLe 7.9.32 / 7.9.30 (64 bit)  
CANcaseXL 8.7.16  
CANboardXL 8.7.16  
VN0601 9.2.22  
VN1610/VN1611/1630(A)/VN1640(A) 9.3.42 (ISO CAN FD)
VN1630 log 9.6.32 (ISO CAN FD)
VN2600/VN2610 8.8.22  
VN2640 8.4.36 NEW  
VN3300/VN3600 8.2.26  
VN5610/VN5610A 9.8.24 (ISO CAN FD)
VN5640 9.9.24 (ISO CAN FD)
VN7570 9.9.26 NEW (ISO CAN FD)
VN7572 9.6.28 (ISO CAN FD)
VN7600 9.9.26 NEW  
VN7610 9.6.28 (ISO CAN FD)
VN8810 USB 9.3.18 (ISO CAN FD)
VN8810 Ethernet 9.3.18 (ISO CAN FD)
VN8910(A)/VN8912(A)/VN8911 USB 9.9.22 NEW (ISO CAN FD)
VN8910(A)/VN8912(A)/VN8911 Ethernet 9.9.22 NEW (ISO CAN FD)
VN8950 8.0.48  
VN8970 9.9.26 NEW (ISO CAN FD)
VN8972 9.7.22 NEW (ISO CAN FD)
VX0312 9.4.28 (ISO CAN FD)
USB Dongle 6.63  
Vector Keyman 5.22  

CAUTION: For the devices VN8910(A), VN8912(A), and VN8911 the drivers on the device must also be updated. To do this the device must be connected via USB. The drivers included in the package are suitable for VN8910(A), VN8912(A), and VN8911. Not suitable for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista. The manual "Accessories for Network Interfaces" is available here (PDF).

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