Social Issues – Our Awareness of Our Environment

In our fast-moving times, social demands and relevant issues are constantly changing. Because nothing is as constant as change. Vector therefore supports people and institutions especially in the regions where we are active.

It is not only Vector as a company, it is also our employees who want to do something worthwhile for sustainable development. At Vector, everyone has the chance to participate with ideas, suggestions and personal commitment. We create the right framework for this. The following are some examples of the wide range of activities we are involved in.


Vector Provides Support in Setting up the IT Infrastructure

The coronavirus crisis poses enormous challenges for schools in terms of digital equipment and digital teaching. Vector Informatik GmbH, the Vector Foundation and the Bauder Foundation have therefore joined forces to provide funding for mobile devices. Disadvantaged students can therefore continue to study with the necessary social distancing in the coronavirus age.

Around 1,000 computers were purchased for 45 schools (community schools, technical high schools and high schools) in the Stuttgart region for students from low-income families thanks to Vector. In addition, over 1,000 refurbished business laptops have been provided for digital learning at home and at school. Find out more here.


Strong Personal Commitment

From setting up a PC room in Stuttgart’s largest refugee shelter with Caritas to donating blood at the annual Lifesavers’ Day in cooperation with the German Red Cross (DRK) – Vector employees are personally involved in many areas of social interaction. We create the space that is needed to do this. And we encourage a wide range of volunteer activities. 

In cooperation with the German Red Cross, Vector enables its employees to donate blood during working hours on Lifesavers’ Day. The vital blood reserves obtained in this way are used to treat the seriously ill and accident victims. 

When it comes to the social commitment of our employees, there is now a firm tradition of established campaigns. For example, the Christmas gift campaign for children in numerous social institutions, the school satchel collection campaigns and fundraising runs such as the Ditzingen Race for Life. At Vector, the motto is: active cooperation for social involvement for everyone.

Sponsorship & Donations

A Commitment To Going the Extra Mile

Supporting regional charities and associations at Vector locations – that’s our focus. In addition to financial donations and donations in kind, we also undertake sponsorship activities to create social value. All activities focus primarily on regional projects that are related to Vector’s key areas and in which Vector employees are personally involved.

For example: anyone at Vector can suggest a social organization with which they already have a personal relationship. Another key factor is that employees believe that the donation will be put to good use. Other examples from the area of sponsorship and donations include donation of kitchen and canteen equipment to social institutions, reuse of discarded office equipment, and the laptop donations mentioned above.