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New & Notable

CANape log | ADAS Logging Efficient and Flexible

CANape log combines the power of Vector logger hardware with the smartness of Vector CANape.

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CANoe Test Package EV | Testing Electric Vehicles

New powerful test library for electric vehicles: Automated conformance & interoperability tests.

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Hybrid Electric Aviation

Development and test of safety-critical systems for hybrid-electrical aviation

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Testing Trends | Insights in the Future of Testing

Answers on what the future of testing looks like: New requirements, methods, and test tools.

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vConnect | Vector Automotive Over-The-Air Solution

Keep in touch with your vehicle fleet: Get to know the new Vector Automotive OTA Solution.

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vCharM | Charging Station Management System

Smart EV charging in new dimensions: Operate entire charging parks at high availability.

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This Is Vector


Vector in a Nutshell

A pen, a blank page and a challenge: How to explain what we do – simplified to the max. And get across, how our solutions help to enable the mobility of tomorrow. Challenge passed?

Event Calendar

The show must go on: Upcoming Vector Events at a glance. Virtual events, of course. Sign up!

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Vector Webinars

Vector webinars present tools, show workflows and introduce new features. Sign up for free!

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2. Vector Virtual Week

EVENT HIGHLIGHT | 2020-11-09 - 2020-11-13

2nd Vector Virtual Week

The trend themes of E/E development are continuing at a rapid pace. Everything you need to know will be on the screen of your laptop. Directly to your workplace - professionally prepared and always in dialogue with you. We broadcast 5 times a day, 30-minute sessions on the latest topics and discuss them with you.

Where We Lead the Pack


On Your Marks.


Whether AUTOSAR Classic or Adaptive, in the race for powerful ECUs the right starting position is crucial. With MICROSAR you get off to a flying start for your AUTOSAR project, constantly extend your lead and manage every sprint easily. Reach the finish line faster!


Really a Tough Guy.

Our Defense Against Cyber Attacks.

They have to get past it first: Vector Automotive Cybersecurity solutions protect embedded software and ECU networks efficiently against enemy attacks. Sign a true defense champion for your game!


It’s Good If Your Software Runs.

Even Better If It Conquers Every Challenge.

Outstanding software quality demands rigorous testing: For embedded software to be successful, it must meet the highest demands. Our comprehensive test solution enables your software project to effortlessly pass every efficiency test. From the design and implementation of a test to its execution, along with centralized administration and analysis of your test data – we cover the whole gamut, whether for unit or system tests, SIL or HIL. This allows you to always be on the safe side and identify potential improvements for your software at an early stage. Conquer every challenge with ease!


Flawless Communication?

Easier Than You May Think.

Whether over-the-air applications or Car2x communication, with on-site infrastructure or a back-end server: We fully support the realization of your ideas to reinvent the world of the automobile. Get your projects on the road and in the cloud simply, quickly and securely!


During Development Everyone Is in the Same Boat.


Teamwork helps you get there faster, and this is also true when developing complex E/E architectures. PREEvision makes your E/E engineering more efficient, more manageable and easier: Thanks to the central database, teams from different locations will always work with the latest information. Without data-loss. From architecture design through to the finished wiring harness: Keep track of
everything; and keep a steady hand on the tiller. Go at full power!


Follow The Racing Line.

Even When Developing.

Advanced assistance systems facilitate the everyday life of many drivers. Get them on the street quickly and safely. And stay on track with our developing solutions: From ADAS logging, prototyping, validation, and test, up to embedded software components. Secure the best lap time for your ADAS projects!


The Right Equipment.

For Every Game.

The development of Ethernet ECUs runs best when you have the right solution for all challenges. Whether it‘s network design, ECU development and integration or testing, you can only benefit from our broad portfolio. We can help accelerate your entire development process with a consistent multitool environment. With Vector, your Ethernet development becomes even more efficient. Keep your eye on the ball during your Ethernet ECU development!

Automotive. And Beyond.

Avionics & Aerospace Networking

Solutions for software testing, system testing, field testing and network stimulation

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Medical Engineering Solutions

Develop and test FDA and IEC 62304-compliant embedded systems and software in medical engineering.

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Vector Virtual Week

More than 15,000 session bookings from over 4,000 registered participants. The first Vector Virtual Week brought us from our remote workplaces to where you are during the global COVID19 pandemic: To your remote workplace at home. For a full week in April 2020 we broadcasted sessions, that covered topics like Testing, Cybersecurity, E-Mobility, Automotive Ethernet and Vehicle Diagnostics. Recordings and slides of all sessions are still available.

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