Vector D-PDU API
Standardized Vehicle Communication over D-PDU API (ISO 22900-2)

Vector D-PDU API

The Vector D-PDU API is a programming interface, standardized in ISO 22900-2, for accessing a Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI).

Vector D-PDU API abstracts from the underlying VCI, especially from implementation of the communication protocol (UDS and others).

The D-PDU API is especially designed for diagnostic and flash applications of any kind. An application based on this standardized interface therefore works with various VCIs from different suppliers.

For remote access of an ISO 22900-2 compliant application to a vehicle network via a Vector VCI, the Vector Remote D-PDU API is available.


Use of existing hardware

  • Already existing Vector network interfaces can easily be extended with the Vector D-PDU API and are immediately ready for appropriate applications.

Optimal performance

  • The Vector D-PDU API uses the flexibility and features of the powerful Vector network interfaces. Therefore, it offers optimal performance for your applications.

Simultaneous communication

  • The Vector D-PDU API can share one channel of the Vector network interfaces with other Vector tools. So a customer-specific application can access the bus over the D-PDU API, while for example CANoe, CANalyzer and/or CANape run measurement or analysis tasks on the same channel. This eases for example also the troubleshooting in D-PDU API based applications.

Cost-effective solution

  • Vector D-PDU API is a cost-effective solution especially for OEMs and suppliers who already use the Vector network interfaces and who are additionally using or developing ISO 22900-2-based applications. Therefore, the Vector bus interfaces can also be used for customer-specific diagnostic and flash applications. An additional VCI hardware is no longer required.

Application Areas

Application architecture with use of the D-PDU API
Application architecture with use of the D-PDU API

The D-PDU API from Vector is used in the field of ECU development and diagnostics to create various OEM-specific applications such as diagnostic testers. 32-bit or 64-bit applications can be developed flexibly and efficiently based on the 32-bit or 64-bit library. It lets developers focus on the application logic.

In addition, the D-PDU API enables the use of Vector network interfaces in applications that are based on an ISO 22900-3 conformant diagnostic server.


Supported bus systems:

  • CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet (DoIP)

Supported standard:

  • ISO 22900-2:2017

Supported ISO 22900-2 protocols:

  • ISO UDS on CAN (ISO_15765_3_on_ISO_15765_2 )
  • KWP2000 on CAN (ISO_14230_3_on_ISO_15765_2)
  • ISO RAW CAN (ISO_11898_RAW)
  • ISO OBD on CAN  (ISO_OBD_on_ISO_15765_4)
  • ISO UDS on DoIP  (ISO_14229_5_on_ISO_134000_2)

Multi Channel Support

  • Supports up to 8 CAN/CAN FD channels on one Vector network interface (e.g. VN7572 or VN8970).

Supported Network Interfaces

The Vector D-PDU API library can be used with the Vector CAN and Ethernet network interfaces (Ethernet only VN5610 and VN5640). Further interfaces on request.

Product Descriptions

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