ECU Calibration
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Application Areas of Vector Products

Like our customers from the automotive, commercial vehicle, aerospace, transport, medical and control technology industries, we are experienced engineers who have in depth knowledge of the tasks our customers face. We can ease our customers' challenges by providing solutions for highly complex application areas. We develop and subject these solutions to our own exacting demands for functionality and quality and provide far-reaching consultation and support as well.

From engineer to engineer at eye level as simple as possible - that is our goal.


ECU testing tools from Vector support you in universal implementation of simulation and test environments. Regardless of your task in the development process the Vector test tools provide a scalable and re-usable solution from pure SiL simulations to HIL testing to functional acceptance tests.

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Embedded Software and Systems

Vector provides OEMs and suppliers of automotive and related industries software components, services, projects and embedded hardware for creating embedded systems. We focus on basic software and hardware solutions as supplement to the application of our customers.

Embedded Software and Systems

ECU Calibration

ECU calibration is an iterative process of measurement and calibration at runtime to optimally tune the parameters of your ECU algorithms. The Vector system solution covers a range from measurement and calibration to diagnostics and flashing for a wide variety of ECU interfaces.

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Measurement Technology

Automotive OEMs and suppliers can complete their development projects faster by using a perfectly tuned tool chain consisting of measurement modules, data loggers and software tools for online acquisition of measurement data, data analysis and data management.

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Diagnostics and Flashing

Development of Vehicle Diagnostics

Vector supports you with diagnostic and flashing tools, that ranges from specifying diagnostics, generating ECU auto code up to integration, validating and diagnostic testing. An off-the-shelf flash tool covers all use-cases throughout the entire lifecycle from ECU flashing up to flash parties after production.

Tools and Services for Diagnostics and Flashing

Distributed Systems

Vector tools and services to support you in designing and developing networks and networked ECUs – especially for simulation, analysis and testing of network communication and for model-based electric/electronic development from architecture design to series production.

Development of Distributed Systems

Consulting and Services

Vector offers consulting as well as services for the optimization of your technical product development, the associated business processes and tools, as well as for the successful implementation of change.

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