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Good to Know - Two New Video Series on Flashing and Remote Diagnostics

Two New Video Series on Flashing and Remote Diagnostics

Do you flash ECUs and do you need special actions that are automatically executed before and after the flash process? Or are you interested in how remote diagnostics can help you reduce your workload? The two video series provide you with valuable tips and tricks.

Video series "Custom Actions with vFlash":

Custom Actions were executed before and/or after flashing and can be used for documentation and quality assurance of flash actions in flash reports.

The first video will show the general benefits of the Custom Actions extension in vFlash, the main concept of this feature and how easy it is to integrate a Custom Action into an already configured vFlash project.   
The second video dives deeper in the Custom Action functionality and into the implementation of Custom Actions when using vFlash.


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Video Series "Benefits of Remote Diagnostics with Indigo":

The first video will give you an inside about what is vehicle remote diagnostics needed for and how customers can benefit from remote diagnostics using the diagnostic test tool Indigo.   
The second part of the video series will show how to read out remotely the fault memory, write parameters to the vehicle and how to execute a diagnostic script for automatic configuration of a door module using the diagnostic test tool Indigo.   


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