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Editing A2L Files Extensively and Easily with New Version 14.0 of ASAP2 Tool-Set

Graphic automatic ASAP2 generation process with ASAP2 Tool-Set

Highlights of Version 14.0:

  • You can now benefit from new optimization functions in ASAP2 Modifier and ASAP2 Studio. Automatic generation of typedefs, arrays, and structures eliminates redundancies and greatly reduces the sizes of A2L files.
  • New readers are available in the ASAP2 Updater and ASAP2 Studio which offer extended functionality for reading in MAP files. This makes it easy for you to generate A2L structures and typedefs directly from C++ class descriptions.
  • Extended formula syntax is supported for describing dependent, multidimensional parameters.
  • Excel import in ASAP2 Studio now also supports complex, multidimensional objects with axes.
  • ASAP2 Studio now offers easier and faster user control with its Quick Access Toolbar and configurable key combinations for ribbon commands.
  • The user-defined filters in ASAP2 Studio can now be persisted.

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