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CANoe Video: " The Clever System and Communication Setup Window"

You Will Like this Setup Window
Video (3:12 min)

Learn about the basics of CANoe´s “System and Communication Setup Window” revised with version 14. This window is the central thus main configuration and operating location for the communication concept. It provides predefined system setup folders and scenarios for comfortable and clear working with CANoe.

Video contents:

  • Brief explanation of 2 new features
  • Configuration of the System and Communication Setup Window


What is the CANoe communication concept?

CANoe as simulation and test environment provides an uniform and cross-network communication concept. This communication concept enables application-related modeling of classic and new communication patterns. The communication concept provides consistent decoupling of logical communication on the application level from protocols of the network level. Thus CANoe provides a network-independent interface for application models and test scripts. Separately from this, the actual access or transmission is configured via a specific network.


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