CANdelaStudio 8.2 SP3

The Service Pack includes 8.2 SP3 for CANdelaStudio. If you already installed separate patches for plugins/data exchange: these are not included, please install them again after installation of the Service Pack.

With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved

  • Revision dialog shows wrong status (EIP26520)
    Menu File | Revision History
  • Formatcheck not available (EIP29237)
    Editing an attribute value in the DTC list
  • Navigation to datatype references does not work for Protocol Services (EIP30926)
    Context menu in Protocol Services list
  • Empty generation datatype for requirements (EIP31331)
    Tree node "Requirements", page "Settings"
  • ESC does not work in Translation Dialog (EIP31684)
    Dialog "Translation in target language" of a diagnostic object of format type "Stuctured"
  • Wrong tab order in ECU Information (EIP32403)
    Right side of top tree node "ECU Information"
  • Wrong TAB order in DTC property dialog (EIP32404)
    Property dialog of a DTC in Fault Memory
  • Position of "Latest Revisions" tab lost (EIP32405)
    Main view with "Output" and "Latest Revision" windows
  • Set focus to table after clicking on magic line (EIP32948)
    Multiple lists, e.g. data type text table.
  • Option "Go to datatype" is greyed out without reason (EIP32952)
    "fixed data" list in a diagnostic instance
  • Copy/paste between documents causes crash (after trying to close a document) (EIP33266)
    Job parameter in flash job.
  • The lowest DTC in DTCExtendedDataRecordNumber is not shown (EIP33268)
    Huge DTC list in Fault Memory
  • Move Up/Down Erroneously Applied to Diagnostic Instance List (EIP33324)
    Data objects list in right side of diagnostic class with DID semantics
  • Main menu/toolbar commands does not respect focus for multiple windows in right side (EIP33447)
    Edit commands in jobs view (move-up/down...)
  • List position resets in Session Wizard (step 2) if focus is lost and then regained (EIP33482)
    Wizard for "New Session"
  • Wrong TAB Order (EIP33592)
    Tools|Actions, Service|Addressing, Protocol Service dialog...
  • Keyboard Support Missing In Repository Dialog (EIP33597)
    DID list, dialog for button "Select from Repository"
  • TextID display problem (EIP33854)
    Opening parameter "SID-RQ" in WriteDataByIdentifier Protocol Service Properties a second time
  • Tooltip in job files shows name and not qualifier (EIP33857)
    Input / output parameter list of a job
  • Text Table CSV Import Issues (EIP34066), Text table csv import fails (EIP37849)
    Text Table Data Type property dialog, button "Import"
  • Context Menue Mux Case Data Type (EIP34250)
    Telegram table of a non-default Mux case that is still shared with default (=read only)
  • Make check box buttons work properly (EIP34457)
    Action Dialog, Attribute Overview...
  • LONG-NAME missing for several elements (EIP34662)
    ODX Export
  • DEL Key Does Not Work (EIP34709)
    Deletion of a DTC column, deletion of interfaces
  • DTC Excel Export Writes 3 byte DTC Besides FTB (EIP34877)
    DTC list, button "DTC Export"
  • Wrong Tab Order in Dialogs (EIP35134)
    Edit Target Groups, ODX ECU-SHARED-DATA
  • Line breaks are not handled correctly when job-entry-points are listed (EIP36869)
    Job property dialog, page "Function", list of entry points
  • Fault Memory: English Text in German version (EIP36944)
    8.2 Snapshot Data/Extended Data section
  • Save As: Radio Button Modification not Reflected in GUI (EIP37530)
    Menu File|Save As
  • New (8.2) TelegramTable: Copy'n'Paste of column values does not work (EIP37542)
  • Prevent "Search operation" during modifications in modal dialogs (EIP37588)
    In modal dialog like data type dialog, suppress the F3 action
  • Crash while opening the xpath (EIP37636)
    Enter ODX xpath in path control in the toolbar
  • Graphical bug in actions item editor (EIP37637)
    Tools|Actions, button "Edit"
  • Service deactivation in UI remains without effect (EIP37854)
    Right side of diagnostic instance
  • Telegram table position lost after assigning a new data type to existing data object (EIP37861)
  • Adding new DID references to Snapshortrecord freezes UI (EIP37866)
    Adding multiple DID references to a snapshot record
  • Editing ExtendedDataRecordNumber Makes CANdelaStudio Hang (EIP38011)
    ABS/ESP example, Extended Data Records in tree
  • Stripes in Files|Properties dialog (EIP38035)
  • Data Type Dialog Forbids Negative Values (EIP38066)
    Data type dialog for encoding "Signed"
  • CANdelaStudio crashes when deleting unused protocol services (EIP38116)
    Remove all unused protocol services, save the document
  • DIDs are changing to 0x00 (EIP38118)
    "Identifier" control in right side of diagnostic instance
  • Fault memory: Allow to delete Fault memory data if the new protocol services 19 04 and 19 06 are not available (EIP38173)
    Edge case of the new 8.2 feature.
  • Copy to new DID is allowed on instances that have already a DID instance (EIP38259)
    Telegram table in diagnostic instance
  • Frontend Crash after change of fixed data value (EIP38266)
    Modify default value in Parameter Address and Length Format Identifier of Service RequestDownload
  • CANdelaStudio runs out of Window handles with graphical telegram view (EIP38350)
    Graphical telegram table in diagnostic instance
  • Conversion to Template Leaves Overwritten ComParams (EIP38382)
    Menu Tools|Convert Document to Template
  • Radio buttons not updated properly (EIP38483)
    Dialog asking if all references of a diagnostic instance should be updated
  • Copy into Selected Environment Data not Working (EIP38539)
    Telegram table in multiplexer in Fault Memory
  • DID Qualifier Overview Does not Contain Data Objects (EIP38551)
    Qualifier Overview on "DID" tree node
  • Copy in DID List Copies the Wrong DID (EIP38580)
    DID list
  • Crash after second import of ODX file to the Import Pool (EIP38612)
    Import same ODX file twice.
  • De-/Activate Service Dialog: Blank key selects Yes Button (Delete) (EIP38726)
  • Expert: ComParam Read-only in Dialog not in List (EIP37906)
    ComParam list in tree node "Supported interfaces"
  • DTC Column Dialog Resets the Default Value (EIP38554)
    Property page of a DTC column
  • Bug: Excel Import interprets bit positions wrongly (EIP38334)
  • Errors in Excel Import output messages (EIP38335)
  • Excel Import: Missing check for negativ precision (EIP38336)
  • Excel Import imports out-of-range text table values (EIP38337)
  • Excel Import recognizes conversions with encoding float64 as float32 if bitsize != 64 (EIP38340)
  • Excel import creates invalid fields if bitsize<=8 and encoding=UNICODE (EIP38341)
  • Excel import: Default/Replace display format behaves highly inconsistent (EIP38342)
  • Variant Assignment for VSG Causes CANdelaStudio Crash (EIP38348) Assignment under “Availability for Variants”
  • On importing into an existing CDD (having variants) the documents gets dangling "required as reference"-instances (EIP38680)
    ODX Import
  • Report: Missing Link for Identifier in OBD ECU (EIP37731)
    Links to the identifier of the 0x06 Protocol Service, with report option to write only objects used in the document
  • Report: Default and Constant Value Missing (EIP37735)
    Data object within a bitfield
  • DID List Missing in Variant Report (EIP38170)
    Report with only some selected variants
  • Report Writes "no data assigned" for DID Diagnostic Instance (EIP38500)
    Diagnostic instance that contains a DID Data Reference only
  • Report: Fixed data located in iterators, multiplexer component is not written in the service view table (EIP38806)
    Service abstract (like "19 06 xx zz *[fd yy]")

User Interface

  • Prompt User to Confirm Use of ASAM Basic (EIP37526)
    Menu File|Export|Open Diagnostic Data Exchange, file type "ODX 1.1.4" or "ODX 1.1.5"
  • Improve DDxExport dialog (EIP38028)
    Remove "Common Diagnostics" from the list of exportable variants, use the name of the selected variant as the default file name
  • Expert View: Support transfer of DiagClassTemplates between templates (EIP27759)
    In expert view, context menu of a diagnostic class template
  • Support DTC import from Excel 2013 (EIP34805)

Data Exchange

  • Generate DoIP Comparam-Spec (EIP37950) ODX Export
  • Change warning about ecu shared data version to an info (EIP38357)
    ODX Export
  • Reuse ShortCutName of existing and shared diag instances (EIP38196)
    ODX Import


  • Cleanup Autorun Screen (EIP36931)
    Dropped readme.txt and installation manual, access Readme HTML


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