CANdelaStudio 7.0 SP2

Category : Service Pack
Size : 100.82 MB
MD5 hash : 1d9fb20910890d42807a941dabbca977

Updates existing installations of version 7.0 to 7.0 SP2. Not suitable for versions older than 7.0.

With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective (SP1 is contained):

Issues Solved:

  • Corrections to wizard for editing environment data of protocol  service 19 06 (EIP11966, EIP20505): if you replace a referenced  diagnostic instance by a copy, also copy the involved text tables.
  • Preserve modifications in sorted list of wizard for editing environment data of protocol service 19 06 (EIP11966, EIP19992)
  • Translation view: avoid error message about translation that already exists (EIP20498)
  • Do not delete a DTC when cutting it (EIP18727)
  • Corrected search for byte sequences (now detect prefix sequences, EIP20620)
  • Preserve more than 6 digits precision in float numbers (EIP21148)
  • Avoid unnecessary warnings about CAN Functional Addressing for SingleFrame (EIP19984)
  • Excel 2000 not found under Windows 7 for DTC Excel Import (EIP20412)
  • Do not allow to break "Required as reference" diagnostic instance authorization by changing activation (EIP21031)
  • Avoid issue when changing a data type inside a Mux case (EIP21103)

User Interface:

  • Improved compare view (accessibe via "Select as Left Side"/"Compare  to", responsiveness, filters, search, navigate to left/right object in  document, details window with extra information, multi-selection for  upgrade, manual mapping of mismatching template objects, direct  comparison of referenced datatypes, differences in languages which are  not displayed)
  • Improved performance of DTC GUI and import (EIP19572, EIP20030)
  • Preserve sort order in datatypes and diagnostic instances list (EIP17003)
  • Provide mass change of data types for multi-selected data objects (EIP12236)
  • Provide mass change for "Assigned text" and "Additional info" (EIP3718)
  • Provide inspection of object properties in telegram table in a packet data type opened from within a diagnostic instance
  • Improve inspection of referenced DTCs (EIP20726)
  • Convenient creation of ranges for VSG Identifying Patterns (EIP16291)
  • Split confirmation settings for insertion and deletion of diagnostic instances (EIP11135)

Other Improvements:

  • Export CANdelaStudio version into CDI file (EIP20524)
  • Install Effective ODX viewer even if older version already exists (EIP20198)
  • Improve the heuristics to locate GraphViz (e.g. under Win7 64 bit, search also in "C:\Program Files (x86)") (EIP20544)
  • Show SPN and FMI column (J1939) in DTC list not only for UDS
  • Example template UDSonCAN-Example-multilang.cddt: avoid Japanese string for Addressing scheme (EIP20910)
  • Do not truncate File dialog (EIP20171)

Data Exchange:

  • Ensure COMPARAM-SPEC is contained in exported PDX file (EIP19920)

Customer Specific:

  • Do not copy TextID after opening data object property page (EIP21110)
  • Warn for duplicate values of DTC attribute "DTC-Error-Name" (EIP17768)
  • Correction of CDI file export for FRFM (EIP20563)
  • Display default string even without VCK support (EIP20963) Variant coding diagnostic instance

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