DaVinci Developer 4.8.41 SP2

Contains the complete installation of DaVinci Developer 4.8.41 (SP2). For the operation a license of version 4.8 or higher is necessary. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary. This release is only relevant for AUTOSAR 4. AUTOSAR 3 is supported by DaVinci Developer Version 3.7 or previous releases.

With 4.8 Service Pack 2 (Update to 4.8 Build 41), the following changes become effective:

Tool Features

  • 'Complete Connectors' now supports pre- and postfixes for both ports which makes the automated port assignment more reliable when names of evaluated counterpart ports contain similar text

Fixed Issues

  • Check message #40335, complaining about multiple usage of same Runnable Symbol, was shown although the corresponding SWC was not part of the root composition's SWC hierarchy
  • The model check was aborted when a linear compu method did not contain any compu scale
  • The data type mapping dialog did not consider application data types which are referenced by Nv block descriptors (RAM or ROM block's data type)
  • Check message #40339, complaining about an init value being incompatible to a data type, was shown when an array constant referenced another array constant
  • Check message #40369, complaining about inconsistent NvM port prototypes, was shown when a custom port interface was named similar to an NvM port interface
  • 'Create Port From Signal' created type reference data types instead of value data types for record elements when the signal referenced a base type
  • Check message #40152, complaining about incompatible signal and data type sizes, was shown although the data type range was limited to the signal size


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MD5 hash : 1555e65296d261aa4a3c18e08afe03ff
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