DaVinci Developer 4.7.20

With 4.7, the following changes become effective:

Tool features

  • With the support of rule based value specifications it is now possible to specify large array constants in a compact way
  • Navigating between various views is now supported by a new "Show In" command
  • An init value can now be configured for a PerInstanceMemory, when it is typed by an AUTOSAR data type
  • A client/server delegation port with multiple operations can be connected to individual inner ports, each providing one or more of the delegation port's operations
  • For cyclic runnable triggers an offset for the first runnable activation can now be specified directly at the runnable
  • The base type category 'VOID' can now be configured
  • Port interface mappings can be used to map array elements to single bits using bitfield textable mappings
  • The SOME/IP transformation property "implements legacy string serialization" was added to the properties page

Usability enhancements

  • When removing a pre-defined variant definition in DaVinci Configurator all related data mappings are removed from the DaVinci Developer workspace automatically
  • It is now possible to search for unused elements of all types instead of having to search for each type individually and remove them in one step

Fixed issues

  • Port interface mappings contained "bitfield text table mask" values even for non-bitfield data types
  • An exception was thrown when editing sub-element mappings of calibration port interface mappings
  • Diff&Merge falsely reported that a file contains duplicate elements
  • Check message #40498, complaining about an incorrect sub-element mapping in a port interface mapping, was shown although the model was correct
  • Complex constants, directly specified at a com spec, were falsely considered incompatible in some cases
  • When importing an ECU-Extract connections were derived from the data mapping which connected unrelated ports
  • The Workspace check did not report inconsistencies regarding N:M connections when port interface mappings were involved
  • It was not possible to enable 'support multiple instantiation" when creating a complex device driver or I/O abstraction component type
  • Child windows were opened on the main screen instead of the screen where the parent window was shown
  • Diff&Merge did not show lists of primitive values


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