CANalyzer 12.0 SP3 (64 bit)

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MD5 hash : 33c12df51daebfbd2b302b6d7599d696

With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:


  • Graphics window

    • Direct import of all supported message-oriented logging formats is now possible
    • Multiple symbols can now be activated or deactivated together via a group
    • Groups can be controlled via CAPL functions
    • The tooltip of the measurement and difference cursors also displays the symbolic value
    • Performance improvements of the drawing routine

  • Logging/Offline

    • ASCI loggings contain a unique ID of the measurement to be able to navigate from the Test Report Viewer
    • Meta data are now also written to MDF/MF4 files
    • In the configuration of the offline mode several files can now be activated and deactivated at the same time


  • User interface

    • Ribbon Bar for easy access to security relevant components:

      • Manual,
      • Sample configurations,
      • Additional tools
      • A separate ribbon bar is created for each security package.

    • New look and feel of Security Manager

  • TLS

    • Support of weak Cipher Suites with SHA hashing, e.g. TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_NULL_SHA
    • Connection of TLS/DTLS Observer from CANoe to Security Manager to use PKI profiles for PreShared Keys

  • CANoe CAPL DLL for reading X509 certificates

    • CAPL functions for reading various attributes, such as Name, ValidFrom….

Diagnostic Feature Set

  • General:

    • Support of timing parameters "P2 Server" and "P2 extended Server" in the Diagnostics/ISO TP configuration dialog
    • New standard diagnostic descriptions GenericUDS und GenericUDSLIN supporting service $29 (Authentication)
    • Improved behavior with functional requests while Tester Present is activated and for extended addressing

  • DoIP:

    • Improved behavior in case of Tester Adapter uses dedicated IP address
    • Corrected source and target address in Diagnostic Message Negative ACK PDUs

Option .FlexRay

  • Correct evaluation of send flag (RX/TX) in trace window

Option .Ethernet

  • Port-based Network Access (starting with VN firmware version 11.1):

    • Automatic conversion of configurations utilizing channel-based network access into configurations utilizing port-based network access.
    • Automatic creation of necessary ports when switched to port-based network access.
    • Networks, measurement ports and simulation ports from the Ethernet device configuration are provided in the Port Configuration dialog.
    • At the start of measurement start the networks from the Ethernet device configuration are provided if necessary.
    • Trace Window - Analysis Filter (Ethernet, AVB, IP, SOME/IP and SOME/IP SD): Network and ports may be configured.
    • Signals can be qualified with a port name. The Symbol Explorer provides the available ports for this purpose.
    • Global Options: The update behavior for signals without qualified port can be configured.
    • CAPL: Additional functions ethIsPortBasedNetwork and ethGetEthernetPort.
    • Configuration templates: Additional templates for port-based network access.

  • Trace Window:

    • Analysis Filter: Values can be modified in SOME/IP Filter.
    • Detail View: Improved display of WebSocket and JSON.
    • Fix an issue which may cause erroneous display of protocol violations in case of PTP packets.
    • SOME/IP: In case the length field does not fit to the available data, this is reported in column Protocol Validation.
    • Fix a display issue with Signal Protocol DLL and column 'Payload Data'.

  • CAPL:

    • Sleep/Wakeup support: New functions ethGetPhyState and ethSetPhyState (on supported Ethernet network interfaces).
    • UdpSendTo with variants for IP_Endpoint.
    • New method TcpSocket::Abort.
    • TCP/IP Stack: Fix an issue which prevents the access to payload in case of a piggyback FIN transmission.
    • Fix an issue with function OnIpSendPrepare which prevents the return of a socket handle.

  • Miscellaneous

    • AVB / Media Stream Control: Detection of incomplete FU_A transmission of an H.264 NALU to allow the display of incomplete images / image parts.
    • On insertion of an additional Ethernet network, the CANalyzer TCP/IP stack uses the MAC ID of the assigned Ethernet network interface as default.
    • Ethernet Network Monitor: Fix an issue which leads to the multiple display of services.
    • Bus Statistics / Offline Mode: Fix an issue which leads to inappropriate calculations based on the link speed of Ethernet network interfaces.
    • Fallback solution for SOME/IP TP with SessionID = 0.
    • Stability improvements related to the reception of malformed IPv6 packets.
    • Stability improvement related to the reception of TCP packets with wrong data offset.
    • Stability improvement related to rename a network in connection with SOME/IP and configured signals.
    • Stability improvement related to PTP AUTOSAR TLV interpretation.
    • Fix an issue related to HTTP Observer and large PDUs.
    • NetIsolator: Fix an issue which prevents some network adapters from being listed.
    • Logging/Logging File Conversion: Fix an issue which may lead to the output of causeless warnings concerning unsupported events, when writing to PCAP/PCAPNG.

Option .Car2x

  • Hardware

Option .J1939

  • J1939.dbc integrates the latest J1939 Digital Annex:
  • 385 new PGs
  • 21 renamed PGs
  • 2586 new SPNs
  • 103 new Manufacturer IDs

Option .CANopen

  •  The new view "PDO/SRDO Connections" provides an overview and configuration of the data exchange in a CANopen network
  • The naming scheme for the generation of the CANopen system variables can be adapted now
  • Enhancement of CAPL functions for SDO upload and download

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