CANape 17.0 SP3 HF1

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MD5 hash : 5e44feeca4aab18b64ecbc556160f66e

Updates existing installations of version 17.0 to 17.0.31 SP3. The following changes become effective with version 17.0.31:

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • An issue which caused the offset of all signals with a linear conversion rule to be set to zero after using the measurement configuration was fixed.

The following changes of version 17.0.30 are included:

User Operation and Display

  • When working with partial configurations you can convert the implicitly created fallback elements to regular elements in the measurement configuration.

Communication Protocols

  • CAN: A diagnostic device will no longer force CAN FD mode. Thus, CAN can be used by other applications in parallel.
  • XCP: Support of the consistency mode "event". This allows measurement of larger structures.
  • XCP: Support of IPv6 addresses for the Ethernet transport layer.
  • XCP: An error that occurred during the detection of event information for packed DAQ mode with static DAQ has been fixed.
  • XCP/ETAS xETK: Time synchronization using XCP 1.3 mechanisms is supported.
  • API/COM: When resetting the measurement configuration, axis information of maps/curves will be deleted.

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • An error that occurred when no database was defined during MDF4 bus logging of ethernet frames was fixed.
  • Embedding ARXML databases now also works for MDF4 bus logging.
  • An error that occurred when saving ETH messages in MDF4 bus logging use cases was fixed.
  • XCP/ETAS xETK: A bug that occurred during measurement data acquisition when working with large measurement configurations was fixed.
  • Bus logging of CAN FD bus monitors supports saving container PDUs in MDF4 files.
  • When opening the measurement configuration for components of measured structures, the corresponding structure will be displayed.
  • Support of the "OnMeaStart" event for high-performance XCP measurement.
  • BRICK PC: Support of PTP time synchronization when no GPS is available.
  • Increased measurement performance through support of both data packet formats of XCP 1.4.
  • A new interface for function DLLs allows real-time processing of high-frequency measurement signals up to 1 MHz
  • Control of conditional or triggered recorders with new CASL functions for checking the recorder condition or starting and stopping of recording itself.
  • BLF logging: An error that could cause decreasing timestamps was fixed.


  • Ethernet monitor: Display of signal names when working with several network endpoints has been improved.
  • Database/XCP: Importing databases with several transport layer instances has been improved.
  • The included ASAP2 Studio was upgraded to version 1.8.


  • COM/API: Diagnostic RAW requests are sent correctly.
  • iLinkRT: As specified, measurement data will be transferred using the MOTOROLA format again.


  • When creating a diagnostic device using a CDD database, the CAN FD network will be correctly created using the data from the CDD.

VX PlugIn

  • VxTools 3.9 are integrated.


  • Improved time shift settings for Video windows.
  • Improved configuration management for Video windows.
  • Improved stability when switching offline-online of CANape device with Axis network camera.
  • Installed 64 bit video compression codecs are detected and selectable.

Data Mining

  • Data Mining can create "Measurement Analysis Result" (MAR) files that contain customizable information in addition to the Data Mining hits.

Driver Assistance

  • Hesai Pandar 40P LIDAR: Support of point cloud visualization with the latest firmware.
  • Hesai Pandar 40P LIDAR: Correction of the measurement signals
  • Signal selection in the signal object adapter supports additional wildcard options.
  • Improved behavior of the Scene window after locking the computer or changing the monitor.
  • Signal object adapter: The modification of already created types is now supported.
  • If the title of an ADAS window is changed, the ADAS Explorer will also show the new title.
  • Signal object adapter: Additional forms of signal-based transfer of data objects are supported.
  • Signal object adapter: Support of objects based on MDF signals.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • If provided, algebraic expressions will regard the optional channel number during signal identification.
  • The legends of display windows will also show the min and max values of measured signals for components of structures.
  • Virtual file channels will also be calculated if the input signal contains only a single value.
  • Measurement files in the TDMS format by National Instruments can be displayed and processed directly from file without importing them first.
  • When measurement data is displayed using absolute time in a Graphic window, absolute time will also be used in the legend and in tooltips.

Working with Measurement Files

  • Measurement data export to MATLAB format will also create unique signal names for signals whose identifiers are 63 chars or more.
  • MDF conversion: Extracting signals from PDUs of CAN FD buses is supported.
  • It is possible to format date and time according to US formatting in the ASCII export converter.
  • The ASCII import converter creates MDF4 files by default.
  • MDF conversion: Extracting signals from FlexRay PDUs is supported.
  • System variables can be imported during the import of BLF logging files, provided a suitable VSysVar description file has been selected.
  • It is possible to create label files (*.lab) from display windows when extended signal names are used.

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