CANdelaStudio 9.0 SP1

Updates existing installations of version 9.0 to 9.0 SP1. Not suitable for older versions.

With Service Pack 1, the following changes become effective:

User Interface

  • Show Segment Number Independent of Attribute Category (CDS-69251)
    Segment_Number attribute, see [TREE-210].

Data Exchange

  • Integrate DDM 12.0.2 for DEXT Export (CDS-69227)
    Menu File | Export [DEXT-R050].
  • ODX Export: avoid warnings for communication parameters that are necessary for the Vector toolchain (ODXE-5657)
  • Changes in SWC Sync

Issues Solved

  • CANdelaStudio crashes when multiple documents are opened and documents are switched (CDS-69322)
    Inspect telegram table in two documents with graphical view disabled, switch between the documents.
  • Session Wizard Crashes if no Identifier Available (CDS-69265)
    Session Wizard, after confirmation "no unused identifier available" - diagnostic instances exist for all identifier values of the linked data type [DCLT-R400].
  • Crash when clicking edit button in mux view of 19 06 (CDS-68944)
    Opening the special 19 06 Wizard.
  • Dialog for Adding DTCs by Reference Shows "Attempted an unsupported operation" (CDS-68939)
    In DTC list on "Reference from available DTCs", CANdelaStudio showed "Attempted an unsupported operation", not the DTC selection dialog. Workaround: use copy/paste. Published in the Knowledge Base Article CANdelaStudio 9.0 Shows „Attempted an unsupported operation“ in DTC List.
  • Column "Used" Always "Yes" in 9.0 DTC Pool (CDS-69130)
  • Lock of Libraries: Don't allow to remove ECU-SHARED-DATA (CDS-68898)
    In a locked variant, the context menu entry "Remove reference to ECU-SHARED-DATA" on a diagnostic instance referenced is now disabled; dito the buttons "Add DID", "Delete DID" and "Select from Repository" in DID overview.
  • Authorization is reset when pasting containers as reference (CDS-68958)
    Paste diagnostic instance as a reference into a library, authorization "modify primary" [DIA-R040] must be preserved.
  • Wrong Plug-Ins are executed in Batch Mode when another has deactivated Batch Mode (CDS-68974)
    Menu Tools > Plug-Ins (Batch Mode)
  • CANdelaStudio starts on second monitor that is not connected (CDS-68957)
    If the CANdelaStudio main window position is on a not visible screen area or monitor, it now moves the main window to the visible main screen.
  • Endless loop when clicking on diagnostic instance with variant coding keys (CDS-69040)
    With output window always on top, open a diagnostic instance having Variant Coding Keys enabled (which are possibly empty).

Snapshot Data:

  • Combining CommonSnapshotData Deletes DTC Specfic DIDs (CDS-69209)
    In the 8.2 Fault Memory, in the "Snapshot Data" column, switch to Snapshot Data used by another Snapshot Record. Afterwards, DTC specific Snapshot Data for that other Snapshot Data was lost.
  • Creating new CommonSnapshotData Deletes Previous DTC Specific DIDs (CDS-69106)
    In the 8.2 Fault Memory, in the "Snapshot Data" column, do context menu "New Snapshot Data" [SR-R248]. Afterwards, DTC specific Snapshot Data for the previous Snapshot Data was lost. Note: "New Snapshot Data" is available only if the template setting allows Snapshot Data individual per Snapshot Record.
  • Get Rid of Fatal Error About DID in Global and DTC Specific Snapshot Data (CDS-69048)
    For a document erroneously containing a DID both in the Common Snapshot Data and in DTC specific snapshot data, CANdelaStudio does no more reject loading.
  • DID Contained in DTC Specific Snapshot Data Can Be Added to Global Ones (CDS-69047)
    In the 8.2 Fault Memory, in the Common Snapshot Data list ("Data of..."), CANdelaStudio did not prevent from adding a DID which has already been added as DTC specific within a variant.

SWC Sync:

  • Treat init values from ASR as physical values, not as coded values (SWCSYNC-26)
  • Prevent invalid data type usage in complex aggregates (SWCSYNC-35)


  • Do not install older versions of bundled products (CDS-68894, MSI-40364)
    Don't install ODXStudio if a newer version has already been installed


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