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Remote Diagnostics and Flashing –  Enormous Time Savings at Webasto
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Enormous Time Savings at Webasto

With Vector's remote tool chain consisting of vFlash and Indigo, Webasto engineers now perform updates to customers' systems remotely with enormous time savings and decreasing costs.

The Customer


The Webasto Group is a global innovative systems partner to the mobility industry and one of the 100 largest suppliers to the automotive sector worldwide. The company's offering includes in-house developed roof, heating and cooling systems for various types of vehicles, batteries and charging solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles, and additional services related to thermal management and electromobility. Among the customers of Webasto are manufacturers of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and boats, as well as dealers and end customers.

The Project

Increasing Efficiency at Support

The demand for Webasto battery systems is growing steadily. The Field Application Engineers (FAE) are faced with the challenge of meeting a support demand that is growing by 50-100% annually. This cannot be easily compensated for by expanding the FAE team in terms of personnel.
Nevertheless, Webasto's goal is to provide the best possible service to customers when resolving support cases.

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Vector Remote Tool Chain Consisting of vFlash and Indigo

Prior to the use of the Vector Remote tool chain, 90% of the support cases that took place worldwide required the on-site presence of Webasto FAEs.
With vFlash Remote, Webasto engineers now perform updates to customers' systems remotely. In addition, Indigo Remote provides the complete functionality of a diagnostic tester for troubleshooting, configuring the system or logging traces. This allows Webasto engineers to quickly get their own picture. They receive all the information they need to find solutions for the customer in a very short time. Just as if they were live on site.

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With remote tool chain:  Reducing costs per support request and increasing efficiency in processing customer issues
With remote tool chain: Reducing costs per support request and increasing efficiency in processing customer issues

With its FAEs, Webasto currently offers more than 100 external and many internal customers the opportunity to access all functions of the Vector Remote Toolchain without having to acquire software, and to do so almost simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

Unbeatable customer response time: In the past, from the time a problem was reported to its initial evaluation, several days could pass scheduling travel arrangements, flights, etc. Now, remotely, the problem can often be solved or well-founded solutions can be offered within an hour.
Enormous time savings: Without remote diagnostic tools, about 90% of the customer meetings took place on-site. Today the ratio is reversed, about 85% of the meetings take place remotely. As a result, instead of 1-2 customer issues per week, up to 10 customer issues are now processed per FAE.
Decreasing costs: The costs per assignment have dropped by 70% due to the elimination of travel time

Avoiding problems instead of fixing them: By increasing efficiency, Webasto is able to help customers not only with urgent problems, but also puts more focus on "guided development," i.e., prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

More predictable working: In the past, 'emergency' cases meant that business trips often had to be scheduled or extended with very little notice. Through having the ability to work remotely, last-minute travel is now almost completely avoided by the FAEs, and their work-life balance is greatly improved.

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