DaVinci Configurator Pro
Configure, Validate and Generate AUTOSAR Basic Software

DaVinci Configurator Pro - Configuring AUTOSAR Basic Software

DaVinci Configurator Pro is the central tool for configuring, validating and generating the basic software (BSW) and the runtime environment (RTE) of an AUTOSAR ECU.        

Circle model of typical AUTOSAR projects. The DaVinci Configurator Pro is used in the phase of ECU software integration.


  • Automatic parameterization of the BSW based on the OEM's system and diagnostic descriptions
  • Specific configuration user interfaces for all areas of the BSW and the RTE
  • Easy integration of third-party modules
  • Validation of the configuration with troubleshooting tips
  • Workflow support for a continuous integration of the ECU software

Application Area

Configuring the Basic Software and the RTE

  • Customized and convenient user interfaces for all aspects of the basic software such as communication, NV memory, diagnostics and the runtime system
  • Generic configuration editor (GCE) for a native view of parameters
  • Automatic adjustment of dependent parameters during configuration
  • Functions that assist in complex configuration tasks
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Validating the Basic Software and the RTE

  • Module-specific and comprehensive consistency check of parameters
  • Live validations for quick feedback on faulty entries
  • Listing of recommended proposals for solutions that the user can execute by mouse click
  • Acknowledge mechanism to hide individual messages for a better overview

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Generating the basic software and the RTE

  • Call the module generators in a configurable generation sequence
  • Integrate any desired external generators by calling via command line
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This is an overview of the use cases and the required DaVinci products

Standard User Groups

Expert User Groups

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Highlights Version 5.20

Extended Automation API

  • 3-way merge of DaVinci projects
  • Extended high-level API for the runtime system and communication domain

Optimized Usability

  • More comfortable detection of deviations from recommended configuration
  • Data mapping via signal-centric view

Improved Basic Software Management Editor

  • Better overview of the BswM configuration
  • Simplified definition of action lists


  • Derive parameters from the OEM's system and diagnostic description files
  • Write-protected display of derived parameters
  • Correct errors in the system description by controlled overwriting of individual derived parameters
  • Automatic updating of the configuration after changes to the system description
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  • Execution of scripts to modify the system description during project update
  • Execution of automation scripts to modify the ECU configuration

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  • Generate an HTML report, e.g. about parameters that deviate from the system description
  • Switch the configuration phase for post-build loadable ECUs. This prevents prohibited changes to pre-compile parameters.
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  • Diff/Merge function for integrating different branches of a project
  • Finely granulated storage of module configurations in separate files. This enables easy management with file-based configuration management systems.
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AUTOSAR Network Explorer is integrated in DaVinci Configurator Pro for editing network descriptions in ARXML format.

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  • Define variants (Evaluated Variant Sets according to the AUTOSAR concept)
  • Select the input file set per variant
  • Create an overall configuration with all variants
  • Interface filters for displaying a single variant
  • Display the variance/invariance of individual parameters
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Option RTE: Configuring the MICROSAR RTE

  • Customized editors for integrating SWCs
  • Assistance functions, e.g. to automatically link SWCs or to simplify task assignments of SWCs

Note: These functions are also enabled via a DaVinci Developer license. If you have a DaVinci Developer license, you do not need Option RTE for DaVinci Configurator Pro.

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Option MD: Developing your own Modules

  • Conveniently create BSWMD files with module, container and parameter definitions
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) for developing your own validation rules and generators for C-code or SWC descriptions in ARXML format
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Option WF: Developing Workflow Scripts

  • Develop System Description Scripts (Python 2.7)

    • Correction of input data at the level of System Description
    • Automatic execution of scripts during project update
    • Signature of the script files for execution with DaVinci Configurator Pro

  • Develop Automation Scripts (Groovy)

    • Automation of various actions like editing of parameters, access to validation results or execution of solving actions
    • Assistant for easy setup of script projects
    • Debugging of scripts with tools like IntelliJ IDEA
    • Execution of script tasks via the user interface or via command line

  • Note: The Option WF is only required for creation of scripts.
    Execution of scripts is possible with DaVinci Configurator Pro even without Option WF.
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Product Description

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Component Recommended Minimum
Memory (RAM)
16 GB,
32 GB for large projects
8 GB
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 1600 x 900
Operating System Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (64 Bit) Windows 7 (64 Bit)


1 DaVinci Configurator Pro benefits from higher clock rates rather than higher number of cores. 

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For configuring the MICROSAR basic software modules you need a compatible version of the DaVinci Configurator Pro. You can download compatibility matrices in the Vector KnowledgeBase.

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Do you want to know more about the basics of AUTOSAR and the AUTOSAR basic software and tools? Vector offers a 1-5-day modular AUTOSAR workshop. This deals with AUTOSAR 4 and AUTOSAR 3 alternately. According to the booked module...

  • you get to know the AUTOSAR methodology
  • you gain insights in all major subject areas of the ECU development
  • you get to know the specifics of some vehicle manufacturers
  • MICROSAR safe is presented - the Vector solution for safety-related ECUs according to ISO 26262.

Learn the details of each module in the training portal.


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